Your BEST Bikini Series Yet!

It’s finally here, the most motivating time of the year-the Bikini Series! Read below for my top 5 tips for making the next 8 weeks COUNT! I started to implement these just 2 months ago and below are my results! I’ve stayed the same exact weight, but seen enormous changes in my body. I plan to continue on with you to make this summer one of unforgettable adventures and confidence! I’ve already seen some amazing energy from this community and you inspire me to get my butt moving every day-so thanks!

Bikini Series 2016 Before

#1 Don’t QUIT! Do something EVERY DAY (with an active rest day)  Here’s one of my favorite words- DISCIPLINE. It takes 21-30 days to see changes in ourselves, and can sometimes take longer if you’re half-assing it. Cut that crap out-you are waiting your time! You won’t change anything by keeping it in your comfort zone. During EACH of your workouts, I want you to focus on your form, your power, and your strength. (Keep your butt down during planks, do those pushups on your knees if you can’t fully extend your arms, keep your back flat not rounded during deadlifts!) Don’t save your energy for later in the workout. I promise you will still have some power left and then you’ll be wondering ‘why didn’t I push myself harder?!’ If you feel pain-STOP, if you are burning- KEEP GOING! If you are BRAND new to working out, your goal is going to be finishing your workout while pacing yourself. Need to take breaks? Need to miss some reps? That’s a part of starting out-take those breaks! Just keep going and promise me you will try your best to get to the end. Yes, you will be sore for the first few weeks, but when you push PAST this point there is some magic that happens and you will feel AMAZING! Don’t quit on me, I’m right here with you!

#2 Do NOT spend hours on Instagram looking at other girls bodies-its not yours! This is beyond emotionally damaging and also degrading to yourself. You do not deserve to view yourself as anything but beautiful, and if you’re unhappy then only YOU can make a change. Don’t compare your life or circumstances. If you find yourself in this pattern, put the phone down and go for a walk (even if it’s just around the office or the block).

#3 Don’t try to do everything at once- meal prepping can be extremely overwhelming. If you’re following the 8 week plan, I suggest trying out 1 or 2 recipes for lunch and dinner PER WEEK. Don’t buy all the ingredients or you will let them go to waste (your $$ too). I promise you will not be in the mood for something one day. Instead, keep the standards at hand so you can whip up some quick chicken or turkey and broccoli at night- there’s NOTHING wrong with routine or repetition. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Personally I prep my proteins and veggies at the beginning of the week and store them in containers that are easy to reach. Some days I want apples or bananas, and some days I want tacos-just being honest. I will be trying my best to avoid processed food for the next 6 weeks (until my wedding!) but I allow myself wiggle room since I need to reach 1800 calories per day and my days are very active. Don’t make it a habit, but don’t beat yourself up!

#4 It’s going to take hard work-I don’t have to remind you we are all created differently but this fact holds true for any woman-changing your body is HARD! There’s a reason studios and fitness corporations have been coming out with more challenging and even grueling workouts over the past 5 years. For numerous reasons (American’s have horrible diets) and we are extremely sedentary, it takes some extra umph to get rid of those stubborn lbs. When you feel discouraged remember you are doing this to be the healthiest you, and yes passing on that night out of drinking will bring you closer to your goals-celebrate with a like-minded girlfriend.

#5 WATER! Eating 6 meals a day requires you to be hydrated (plus those workouts) wow, that’s a lot to digest! My current goal is 100 oz (that’s about 6-7 of my 16oz plastic cups). Buy a new water bottle or a cup to stay motivated to drink. I keep track by writing on the top with a dry-erase marker-water works right? I can’t stress this last point enough. It will do wonders for your skin, and the rest of your body! Drink up ladies. 

Happy Bikini Series!

xoxo, Ari



Wedding Series: Planning an EPIC Bachelorette!

Hey lovelies! Hope you enjoyed your weekend…..I’ll be honest, it took me an entire week to recover from my bachelorette last weekend! It was truly a weekend I will never forget and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for making it so special! It was laid back, but full of dancing and champagne….pretty much all you need for one epic bach weekend. Read below if you are thinking of planning one soon! Huge shoutout to The Ride House for hosting our event and providing an awesome experience to my friends!

Ari Bach Green Bike

My bride Squad, sometimes I wonder why they let me kick their butts! xoxo


There is so much pressure these days to do something over to get your gals together for your last hurrah. Let me assure you it CAN be drama free if you consider some of my tips! These are only suggestions and you can toss my advice out the window if you want, but hopefully my insights can help you start planning a fun weekend for your bride or with your bridesmaids.

#1 Do what YOU want! The traditional bachelorette is usually planned by the MOH and her bridesmaids, but sometimes the burden call fall onto one bridesmaid. It’s important to tell your gals exactly what you want to do for your day or weekend, and delegate tasks to the girls so they know exactly how they can help. If your MOH is not the most organized in the group, politely ask her if she doesn’t mind getting some help from the other girls as well. (If she is a true friend she will accept some help, there is nothing wrong with sharing responsibilities in planning…in fact she might be relieved).  If you want to eat brunch and take a painting class-go for it! If you want to take a workout class-do it. All I wanted was a weekend together with my girlfriends and to share my biggest passion with them-fitness! My bridesmaids listened to my requests of a laid-back weekend with only a few set plans. Sure it might make me a type-A bride for being so involved, but in the end your girls want you to have a wonderful weekend so you might as well be specific!

#2 Keep it simple, keep it small: I was fortunate to have the opportunity to use a house and host my girlfriends in Dallas! We cooked some really yummy meals at home and my bridesmaids planned some fun surprises to keep us busy at the house. Something to consider is if everyone has to fly in-use a house! If flights are cheap to travel elsewhere then you won’t be breaking the bank. Less is more-don’t feel like you have to have every second of the day planned out. By having only a few things planned, we were able to relax (you will need naps) and take our time getting ready for our night out on the town.

Ari Bach Champagne

Pop Champagne!

#3 Consider your bridal party, remember this is NOT your last girls trip together: Here is my honest opinion…its a little blunt but that’s me and that’s why you come back to my blog. No one wants to talk about this-so I’m going there! I’m speaking as a bride who loves to travel. I love adventure and I love a good vacation. However…..I took a lot of time to think about the logistics of our wedding and what was going on in everyone else’s lives as well. Do you have a party of girls who have baller jobs that make it easy to drop $1000 for the weekend? Great! Absolutely nothing wrong with that so please know I am not judging you. Know your group dynamic and honor your friends. Don’t ask your girlfriends to put this weekend on the credit card to throw down in Vegas or Napa if you know they might not be able to afford it. Sure I really would have loved to go to the beach and get out on a boat on the ocean, but my entire guest list was already flying into town for the wedding weekend. Making my bridesmaids rent a house and pay for an entire weekend going out just didn’t seem reasonable to me. I also realized that mine is not the ONLY wedding they are attending this year. I have girlfriends who are in or attending 5-14 weddings this year! I also realize when you sign up to be a bridesmaid there are certain responsibilities expected of you. Just consider doing your best to fulfill the events you can. Can’t attend an event? Send a gift or at least a card! Notes go a long way. But be honest with yourself and your bride if you can’t attend certain events! It’s important for you to make decisions that are right for you and your family. If you’re saving up for a family vacation-make a list of priorities and stick to them. On the bride side….make sure you don’t set yourself up for disappointment if everyone can’t make it. If the location is most important to you, understand that your whole party might not be able to come. In the end, if these are your true friends you will have lots of other weekends spent with them I hope! Whatever you do, relax, dance your tail off and enjoy time spent with the people you love most.

#4 Network! Talk to lots of people to make it happen! I could not have planned a spin class for 30 girls without the help of my bridesmaid Kaytie, but also the greater fitness community of Dallas. Building relationships with them has been invaluable and the fact that all of these women showed up to show me love for a day meant the world to me! I feel so honored to call them my friends, and going out of my comfort zone to make new friends here in Dallas is something I will never regret.

Ari's Bach TIU girls

#TIUDallas! We follow each other to workouts and brunch and everything in between.

Ari Bach Squad


Ari Bach Ride House Studio

Gettin Rowdy! The energy in this room was insane!

Ari Bache 2016 Ride House

I had the best time riding the podium and dancing with Allen!

Ari Bach Allen

Our fab instructor Allen!


Ari Bach Main Betch

This girl has been a huge motivation for me during my wedding slimdown.


Lorna Jane WAREHOUSE sale!!!!

If you haven’t caught on by now, I absolutely love Lorna Jane. Her mission statement has created positivity around the world and her fitness apparel has made working out something I truly look forward to! If I’m teaching class, I’m most likely wearing an LJ crop top. I just can’t get over the unique styles and colors. This is one brand I truly believe in supporting quality over quantity. The pieces I own will last me years (if treated right, no dryers please!).

Please join me for a Warehouse Sale on Oak Lawn at THE SPACE! April 28th through May 1st from 8am to 7pm! There are tons of free workouts going on. Although I won’t be teaching this time around, I’m stoked Check it out below!

Head over to the Facebook event page for the Warehouse Sale –  Please click on the link which will allow you to RSVP to keep updated with the event. Invite your friends, family and other members of our Dallas fitness community. During the sale LJ will also have a fantastic line up of amazing instructors who will be hosting FREE workout classes- RSVP through the Eventbrite page –

Can’t wait to see you there Dallas babes.



Wedding Series:#thatbudgetlife


Long-time-no-see my lovely readers! The past 6 months have gotten crazy that’s for sure! After some technical issues with my blog I’m so happy to be back! I have been keeping up with you on Instagram and let me just say- y’all are killin it out there! I’ve seen you step up your workouts, dial in your nutrition and really start treating your mind/body with kindness. YGG! That’s what the #tiulife is all about.

Today is the first post in my wedding and lifestyle series over the next 9 weeks-that’s right-only 9 weeks until I am a MRS! Woah. So hold on tight, I have A LOT to say 😉 These posts can be applied to most of you even if you’re not getting married.

Today’s topic: #thatbudgetlife

You’re probably wanting to hear more about my workouts and my nutrition-I promise I’ll get there! Something I’m extremely passionate about is personal finances. I truly believe that addressing your personal finances will set you up to be emotionally free and financially stable to be your best self in this opportunistic world we live in. To stand on your own two feet and feel independent will in turn set you up to feel confident in that relationship when it turns out to be ‘the one’. And believe me when I tell you it will come at you 100mph without warning, in the middle of the night, screaming ‘you can’t pass this one up!’ Next post….relationships 😉

1st things first. If I can give you any advice at all, stop using those credit cards.

#1 Get in control!

Like for serious. Right now. I realize there are lots of unique situations, so I suggest by starting to read or listen to Dave Ramsey’s ‘Total Money Makeover’ its got some great basic principles to help you move towards any of your financial goals.  Do whatever you need to do to pay off those cards. Need to take a second job? Take it. Need to cut back on your $200 a month Starbucks habit? Hello….right there, throw that at it each month. Work staff at your local gym or studio-heads up, they’ll probably give you some sort of discount or membership-remove that from your budget right there! I’ll share with you my personal roller coaster that’s really embarrassing. I racked up a ton of debt when I moved to Dallas to be on my own. Eek! I spent when I shouldn’t have, and took vacations that I just ended up throwing on the cc. It wasn’t until I got a second job until I realized I was totally out of control. I worked extra hours from my computer tirelessly for about a year, and it finally hit me that I was spending way more than I was earning. So finally I got serious and used this second income to pay down my debt. I sold a few big items, and after 2 years, I was finally rid of ANY credit card debt.

#2 Set up that Budget!

Two very well-known tools that you should take a look at: You Need A Budget and Mint. I personally, use Mint. Now, it doesn’t work if you don’t stick to the budget. Sure, at first I was really anxious about every dollar and paid attention to my account every single day. But once I started to only spend cash/debit card, I was able to see where my problem areas were and then I stopped being stressed about it. After I was in control I set out to cut back in those problem areas. After that I was able to start saving! In the past 4 years I have been able to pay off almost 30K in debt (yes you read that right, thank you student loans and a car), AND get this-save 10K. I’m not one to boast, but I want to encourage you to tackle a goal that may seem really ambitious. You can do it, and you should do it!

#Easy steps to pay off debt

  • Think outside the box. I swallowed my pride and moved in with my parents for 2 years post college. During this time, I doubled my student loan payments and threw every extra bit of cash and bonuses from my job, at my debt. Looking back I know I could have done much more but I’ve learned so much and that’s what’s important. Learn now, not later!
  • Don’t spend on the useless stuff- coffee runs, buying water bottles, the mall (just don’t go there!) saying YES to everything…work on that one. Eating out every day, living far away from work, going out every single night of the weekend, buying new outfits every week, every month. Those eyelash extensions-girl go to Sally’s! First area to trim down.
  • Budget budget budget….determine what you NEED to pay for each month…evaluate how much is left over, try to save a good portion of that.
  • Budget for the things that are really important to you- if the gym membership is a must, cut back on the clothes, etc.
  • Sell anything you can to make extra cash
  • BYOL- Bring your own lunch….need I say more? This one whittles the waistline as well as the wallet 😉
  • Get educated- don’t be the person that doesn’t even look at your bank account! You really should know exactly where every dollar is going. Start evaluating where you’re at. Read up on some books and articles.
  • FOLLOW-UP…Return those purchases, and call BACK those stupid companies that keep charging your cards for subscriptions you cancelled. This happens all the time. Consistency is key. Don’t give up. Get those credits back to your account and those refunds paid in full. I promise you this have saved me hundreds of dollars just by following up! It’s a pain in the butt that’s for sure. Definitely worth it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little secrets. It feels amazing to pay off that first group of student loans-huge confidence booster. Paying off debt can be addictive-that’s a good thing. Don’t be afraid to say no! Get it girl. Get free.

Stop back soon to read about budgeting for weddings (as a guest) and as a bride! I am so excited to share all of my planning with you.



The Ride House, Dallas Texas: Studio Review


If you are just stopping by my blog, welcome! My name is Ariana (everyone calls me Ari), and I’m a Jersey girl who uprooted to Texas for love and my career.  I write about my lifestyle, my journey as an athlete and fitness instructor, as well as events with other #FitGirls in Dallas, Texas. I am a packaging engineer by day, and a fitness instructor by night. (Being FitGirlMechanic is my moonlight career…..I wanted to be a professional athlete for a long-time, but was too intrigued by product design and manufacturing. Hence my love and detailed analysis of consumer experience, products, ergonomics, and quality design!)

You can find me teaching at Dallas Grit Fitness every Monday at 6am (Turbo Kick) and a variety of Saturday Powerbelle classes starting next Saturday (more times to come that I will be teaching!) I am a member at Dallas Grit Fitness, but I absolutely love to check out and support local businesses and instructors in the metroplex. So check back each month for new reviews!

THE STUDIO: The Ride House  LOCATION: Dallas N Tollway & Lover’s Lane 

The Workout: 45 Min House Ride 

  • If you have never taken a spin class before, I highly suggest The Ride House as a new rider! Arrive 10-15 minutes early and please TELL the front desk managers or your instructor, that you would like help setting up your bike. No shame in being a newbie! It’s very important to have proper set-up when riding any sort of bike, so please please please ‘measure twice, cut once!’ in other words, do it right the first time for an optimal experience!
  • Beats are FRESH at TRH, and the instructors make sure that you have an amazing time riding!
  • Rhythm: If you have no idea what ‘Tap it Back’ means, or the choreography of the class, just keep practacing. It takes a few classes to get on the beat….or not. Some people just don’t have a natural rhythmic bone in their body: just go at your own pace and keep up the best you can, enjoy your ride and don’t worry if you miss the beat!
  • Jasmine leads a sweaty and upbeat class, that will leave you gasping for air. While my early morning class with Bailey, was a little slower and not as rowdy as a later morning/later evening class will be. Be prepared for lots of tap-backs, pushups, an arms section with weights, and hill climbs. I burn about 600-800 calories per class. Both had excellent music and cater to different audiences!
  • You can make spin as difficult or as easy as you want to. Don’t be intimidated to try spin with a friend, Turn up your torque, or stay where you are for a few more minutes, just have fun!

Ambience and Studio Vibe: 

  • As soon as you walk into The Ride House, you will be greeted by the warm and enthusiastic front desk. The studio is decorated with Longhorns and a gorgeous chandeliers in the middle of the TRX room. Nice bathrooms and lockers available to you for storing your stuff.
  • The LED Backlit WALL IS OFF THE CHAIN! This is the coolest feature I have ever seen in a studio. You literally feel like you’re in a club when the lights go down and this wall starts flashing to the beat!

Ride House LED Wall

The Deal: 

  • First two classes are free! And you have an entire 14 days to use them which is AWESOME. LOVE THIS.
  • Drop in: $25
  • Unlimited Packages: You need to sign a contract for 3-month minimum to get the $195/mo deal
  • Check out all pricing here 

What To Bring and Wear: 

  • I always recommend wearing tights/crop spandex, or regular spin/cycling shorts. Regular shorts are no bueno! You need something to keep your thighs from chafing (unless you absolutely love body glide) and the rest is personal preference.
  • Cycling shoes are complimentary, just bring socks. If you own shoes, SPD clips only!
  • Bring at least one water bottle, towels are provided to you

Events and Community Engagement:

  • Something this studio does well-keep an eye on their newsletter. They are currently riding for a woman who is fighting cancer and ALL proceeds will go to her and her family if you sign up!
  • Riding for a cause is something done often here: Ride for Pups is coming up soon!
  • Themed events happen regularly, a great way for a first date or a meetup with a new friend, or just any date!


A #tiumeetup that I organized last month, was a huge hit because some girls had never done spin before.


  • Tons of class times: A++
  • Amazing Instructors: tons of energy and a passion to be in their class!
  • Music is amazing: but if you HATE rap, or House, probably not the place for you. There are tons of theme rides to choose from, so keep an eye out for their schedule or sign up for the newsletter.
  • Front desk is super welcoming and friendly

Room for Improvement and Insights:

  • The Ride House does not have locker rooms so if you go in the morning, don’t be prepared to shower there.
  • Addition to the website? Instructors favorite types of music to play under their class description: I realize this is not ideal because instructors put together different playlists every week. However, might be a way to increase attendance at certain times, and strengthen loyalty between instructors and clients.
  • Not a heavy emphasis on form in The House Ride. New spinners may have the tendency to slack on their form without consistent explanation, leading to a bad experience, or injury over time. However, if you want more coaching technique, opt for The Performance Ride OR Ride 101, where you will learn more technique.
  • The Stackup: $195 per month for unlimited classes is at least $20 higher than Flywheel or Lync Cycling for unlimited, however The Ride House offers a much wider variety of classes than other studios. Depends on what you’re looking for!

Overall Rating: 

  • 4 Stars out of 5! I haven’t tried all of the classes yet, so I feel that to give a full 5 stars I really need to take more classes from the team of instructors. I love everything about this studio, but wish they had locker rooms for their price point.
  • Fitgirl tested and Fiance approved!! Great place for both female and male riders. My fiancé will go to a class every time he is in town-which is an awesome feat y’all! Thanks for an awesome experience!


Celebrate Active Nation Day with Dallas Grit Fitness!


Every year, Lorna Jane celebrates Active Nation Day in September, by encouraging girls to get outside and move! There are local events literally all over the world for you to get involved in. Find an event on your local Lorna Jane Facebook page, or just visit the Active Nation Day website! There are no shortage of good things happening.

Come celebrate this day at Northpark Mall, with Dallas Grit Fitness! For Grit Mashup! OMG you are going to get an amazing workout….Body Sculpt, Turbo Kick and Dance Club Cardio, you don’t want to miss this class with our energetic instructors, Annabel, Emily, and Brittani! Can’t wait to see you there.

What is Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day is a movement created in 2012 by Lorna Jane to inspire women, their families, communities, cities and the world to live a more Active Life!

Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980, with 39% of the adult population now overweight and 1.9 billion of the world’s population not getting sufficient exercise. It’s time to make a change and the change starts with you!

On September 27 2015, we’ll be hosting events all over the world to encourage women to mark their commitment to Active Living by getting out and moving their bodies. We think there should be a day dedicated to Active Living – a day where people are asked to consider putting their health and fitness first – resetting their commitment and inspiring others to do the same.

LJ piece of the month!

Lara Sports Bra

Hey there loyal readers! I hope you had an amazing weekend full of laughs, joy, and sweat. This week was put into perspective in the Tone it Up community and it made me appreciate my friends and family more than ever. On Friday, the Grit fam and some of my #tiusisters, came together for a happy hour. We enjoyed a few drinks at The Rustic and caught up on life. I am so thankful for this community in Dallas, because it is to welcoming. If you come to the studio, be sure to introduce yourself!

Today I’m starting a new blog series dedicated to my favorite Lorna Jane active living gear! I will take you through my collection of LJ pieces for fitness and leisure. I am one of those girls that only purchases work clothes every couple of years. I would rather spend my money on fitness and leisure clothing. As crazy as it sounds, I just need that extra motivation to feel my best while I’m working out. When you have a fun outfit to put on, you are much more likely to push harder in your workout, feel good doing it, and enjoy yourself! Lorna Jane can be found at TJ Maxx, but I shop at my local store in the West Village. I love supporting my local boutiques when I can. Their staff is so friendly, and they have many fun and free events at their Active Living Room. Go check it out.

This month’s piece is the Lara Sports Bra. As soon as this item came out, I had my eye on it-that mesh!!! I can’t get enough of mesh. Dallas is a hot city, I need everything to breath! As a fitness instructor, I am part of the Active Ellite group of women that Lorna Jane gives a nice discount to. To sign up, bring your certification into any store and they will sign you up! (This goes for most athletic apparel stores, just ask =) I love how versatile this crop top is, you can throw a vest over it and wear it out to brunch or a girls day after your workout. The back is killer! Show off those muscles girls. My favorite aspect of LJ clothing is they really flatter women! The fabrics are incredibly durable and soft, and they have removable padding for girls who tend to want a more feminine looking top. I wear this top to our signature Powerbelle class at Dallas Grit Fitness. It lets me move, sweat, and turn every which way for a total body workout. As always, be sure to wash your LJ items separate and hang dry only. They will last much longer. Enjoy!

Lara Sports Bra 2