Building Muscle



Have you joined in the Daily 100 Challenge? Fallen off the wagon? It’s never too late! I want you to consider where you are starting, because you have nothing to lose. People tell me they are ‘out of shape’ all the time. Did you ever think about what that actually means? For guys, you may have too much weight, or not enough! For gals, one area of your body likes to remember those fat cells, and your daily habits are responsible! If you are doing NOTHING to get back your ‘shape’ or muscle, then nothing is going to change, so stop complaining. It might take a few cycles of getting stronger and then relapsing to remember why it feels so good to feel strong! Once you get it, don’t let go! All of those muscles we use every day, are the places we need to build muscle even if you think they will make you gain weight-you’re simply turning that fat mass-into muscle mass over time. You’re going to have to educate yourself, restore you muscles with protein, and rest….and get off the couch. 

These push-ups you’re doing every day, are actually building muscle fibers in your arms, and the reason I suggest working up to the 100, is because some of you may be ‘out of shape’ or lacking the muscle mass required to make them easy. If you are massively sore today, please take some rest! Make sure you are sleeping enough to let your body recover properly through the night. If you get 6 hours or less, you should start with 50 and increase only by 10% each week. If you have been doing 100 every day, I bet none of you are so after the past 18 days of routine. Keep it up! New challenges are ahead 😉

Once you have functional muscle, you’re going to see a difference in all of your workouts, especially those intense exercises that Shaun T no doubt puts a lot of you through, or that boot camp class at the gym! Keep going, and do the thing you cannot do. 

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