Summer Sweat: Daily Wear

What are you wearing these days? -On your skin! Glowing, clear skin should be your best asset, so start giving it your full attention. And I’m talking about it all….face, body and especially hands! Please find products that you can use every day, and dont go outside without taking some SPF with you.

There are numerous brands that have anti-oxidants, UV defense and increase collagen production. I actually prefer Trader Joes, and aveeno , and Botanics products but you have to find something that works for you. The sooner, the better. It’s not healthy to put your skin through numerous routines by changing up the products you use every few months. Stick with one brand. If it’s cheap, and it works-great! If you can afford a natural, organic line, that is plant-based, the less chemicals in the bottle-the better. They don’t always cost that much.

Effects of sun on your skin:

  • Sun Spots
  • Pigment Changes
  • Premature aging (wrinkles, crinkles, and colors galore)
Products to look at
Where a sunglasses! and hat:
  • On the beach
  • On your run
  • On the track
  • At a ball game
  • During tours on vacation

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