Turks and Caicos: Trip Teaser!

Well let me start by saying this is going to be very difficult to contain my excitement. So much to write! But this past week Hunter and I had the amazing opportunity to return to where we first met in Turks and Caicos 2 years ago. I never thought I would even see him again! But Grace Bay brought us back to a resort that I can highly recommend going for a honeymoon or anniversary trip! Seven Stars Resort in Providenciales. I wanted to post a few photos before you guys thought I forgot about you. You know I love to travel! So here are a few highlights! I cannot wait to share the story of how he asked me to marry him on the beach! We are beyond excited to go through all of our photos and to keep celebrating this happy time. Thanks for all the love and stop by soon for more photos and a few stories!


Hunter was pretty elaborate in his quest for my hand…I might have him post the story some time in the future! It’s sure to make you cry. These bottles were brought from Texas to participate in the proposal. I couldn’t believe he planned so much in so little time!


Some of our favorite frozen drinks….the Panda Freeze and the Rock Lobster!

H&A Turks

If you think you know what a sunset looks like, every night will change your mind. ❤


No, you do not get tired of looking at the water!


Only my second dive into SCUBA and I’m excited to swim with sharks: more on this later!



We had fireworks in the sky on the night of our engagement.
Ari Sunset_small

I was so surprised! It’s hard to describe this evening as anything but magical.
H&A Engaged


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