How to ‘Fix’ your Thanksgiving!

As we prepare for the holidays tomorrow, you might be thinking…I’m just going to throw all of my cares to the wind and eat whatever I like. Enjoy every single desert that is put on the table, and all the bread my heart desires. Is that really smart for your head?

As I’m nearly 10 months into my new lifestyle (I wouldn’t label it anything other than flexible conscious dieting) and lean clean and green eating, I can’t rely on my mindset to do the work as often as I would like it to. You see, I usually say 70% of my mindset and 30% of my exercise will be enough for me to maintain this lifestyle change. But I’m finding I need to be stronger…it’s more like 90%! What do I mean by that? I mean that the conscious decisions I make in my diet day in and day out, truly affect my outlook on my body, my willpower, and the attitude I have towards slip-ups. When I turn down something that makes my face break out, or my stomach hurt, and replace it with something that keeps me feeling light and full and nourished, I feel empowered! It’s a feeling of success over my stupid bored stomach that I am training my brain to feel….and I LOVE this feeling. It’s a feeling of control that I’ve been looking for my entire life (I know I’m not that old yet, sorry lol) but I truly never felt like I needed to care because I was so in control, and I could totally out-train my diet. WRONG. You’ve heard me say this a hundred times. It will catch up to you. So what if it has? Should you start tomorrow? Yes! There is no reason you can’t swap a biscuit for a veggie. The Holidays are the best time to make more conscious decisions, to ‘win’ the battle against the spread, and make some small changes. You will be on your way to a much better New Year than you think. I am done giving up my goals for the year in November. I am going to finish this year stronger than ever. I’ll write more on that later!

These are just a few things to keep in mind:

1) Keep your body moving-get up early before the cooking starts and get in your normal exercise! I plan on going for a run in the morning and doing PIYO and some bikini abs!

2) Portion Size does matter-see below!

3) Wiggle Room is good for you! If you’re eating lean clean and green, you will not throw yourself completely into a slump by indulging in your favorite desert

4) Get active with your family! Have the afternoon Turkey-comma? Take the family outside for a walk or some football before it gets dark!

5) Please eat breakfast! It’s a great idea to have your normal breakfast to avoid completely throwing yourself for a loop. This will help you stay full and not starved by the time the big meal comes around. You will be less likely to eat things off your normal plan and stick to your portions and not go crazy!

6) Don’t stress-enjoy your family! Thinking about tomorrow and planning the things you want to enjoy is better than not having a plan. Be grateful for the body you have and the energy that it gives you, and the time you get to relax away from work and the crazy hustle of life. I’m writing about gratitude this week. Enjoy a small piece of pumpkin pie =)

7) Make your own dish! If you do have the option to bring something nutrient dense, you can absolutely keep your choices in control. Check out some of my favorite recipes by Tone it Up! 

Have your pumpkin pie, your biscuits and gravy, lots of wine, and enjoy the time with your family! But use discretion and try to stick to your portions! For me, it’s not about ‘I can’t eat any of this because I need to look a certain way’ It’s honestly the ‘after effect’ that puts me in a sour mood, and makes me feel yucky. And that is completely fine if this sounds extremely scary to you….because I’m not forcing this lifestyle onto anyone.

But if you are a little curious if there are some ways to do less damage than is really necessary, I wanted to share Autumn’s video with y’all! It’s actually possible! Salad, greens, sweet potatoes, turkey, you can have it! Autumn is an expert on portion control, so if that’s something you think you could work on, take a look!

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