#SpringBreakin60 Challenge!

SpringBreakin60 CTA

Hey there! Its January 1st and we just kicked off so many exciting challenges that have started. Many of you may have just joined a gym, or aren’t sure where to start and still need suggestions to begin the new year right!

I hope you had a great time with family and friends celebrating the best of 2014. Are you ready to kick off 2015 with tons of motivation and accountability?!

Why #SpringBreakin60?

With 60 days being a very realistic time frame to see measurable progress in your health and fitness, we thought having the goal of a spring break trip, event, wedding, or life-goal, would be a GREAT vision to start 2015. I’m going on a trip to the Caribbean in March, and I want to look my best! Having a group of girls to lead keeps me extremely accountable, and also helps me make new friends that continue to support and motivate my healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t do this on my own! I totally need the help of you girls to keep pushing after my goals each day. So this group is run on Instagram, and Facebook, with tons of resources, recipes, a nutrition plan and meal planning advice for you to start off the year with everything you need.

What is an online accountability group?

Allie and I are so happy to get to coach amazing babes like you because we know the power of waking up and feeling energized and confident!

You might ask what an accountability group is or how it works?! The same exact way check-ins work with tone it up, which is where many of you have found my page! I love All different kinds of workouts and found my best #fitfriend through an accountability group online. Allie and decided over the summer that we would team up to help as many girls as possible, because we know the power of waking up and feeling energized and confident in your life! And fitness is way more fun with the power of two. Lasting friendships have come out of these online groups, and we want the same for you! I love running challenge groups because it helps us connect and support a smaller number of women and build friendships that might otherwise seem overwhelming with all of the thousands of girls who workout. All the girls check in after their workout on Instagram or Facebook (where we have a private group for you each month) with the hashtag  of the current challenge and our main hashtag #TIUWonderWomen!

Our Current group that’s running is #SpringBreakin60 because we wanted to help girls set goals for keeping up with their new years REALsolutions until March! To check in with us, post your picture and use the hashtags and comment both Allie and I! @Allieraefit and @fitgirmechanic We LOVE seeing you check in, and we will also check in on you-we’re watching!

 What Type of Workout Schedule Do you Follow? 

Everyone has different interests, which is why I love the tone it up and fitfam community so much! I have found the most amazing athletes in here, and you can totally become one too! From pilates and piyo, to running and Turbo Kick, to yoga and Kettlebells, to crossfit and triathlons….you do NOT have to conform to a lifestyle that is NOT you! Being a #tiuwonderwoman means finding your niche and kicking ass! haha we absolutely love to help you find the perfect workouts for you, so this is where we come in personally. If you would like suggestions on where to start and what type of workouts to start with, please email me at arianamichellefitness@gmail.com and I would love to give you recommendations and help you fit workouts into your busy schedule!

This month, I am following the Tone It Up Love your Body Series (toning routines) and for my cardio, I will be doing Insanity Max 30 which you can find here (for the next 60 days). Allie and I have included challenges #SquatforSpringBreak and #Absin60Days so you can find those in PDF form here on the blog, take a screenshot on your phone, or print it out to stick on your fridge!


Month 1 -Days 1-30


Month 2- Days 30-60


Where Do I start?! 

 The first thing I always ask my friends is…..WHAT is it thats motivating you to get bikini ready for spring break and start this new year off with a bang?! The more specific your goals are the easier it is to visualize them and help you put a plan into action! Email me your goals and what your schedule is like so we can brainstorm some ways for you to fit it in and not waste money on a gym membership if that’s not for you!

 Do I have to use Facebook AND Instagram? 

Nope! Whatever works for you. If you would like to be part of the group, please send me an email and I will make sure you get signed up! Did we mention that there will be fun little giveaways for checking-in? So exciting! Which is why my best friend Allie and I created this group! To truly help us all stay accountable during the toughest months of the year, and to help others get started or back on track. People ask me all the time, how I finally found success and I just can’t wait to share them with you! My biggest ‘secret’ this year has been variety! I am really excited to share my favorite HIIT and strength training workouts with you, that I incorporate into my Tone it Up routine.

I hope that’s enough detail to start with! You are welcome to join our accountability group at ANY time. It’s NEVER too late to start a great routine for yourself and for your family! Your health and confidence is the most important thing you could ever gift yourself, and every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident about her body. Now is the time!

We are so excited to get to know you better and make some amazing new friends in 2015. Cheers!



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