My Fabletics Pics for March!

Hey there, Happy thirsty Thursday! Are you drinking that water?!

I can’t believe I haven’t been sharing these outfits with you every single month?! Why have I been keeping this a secret? I’m VERY picky about my workout clothes. There, I said it! The traditional tights from Target’s Champion line, simply don’t fit me well. I am not a huge fan of the fabrics, and they fall down on me and fade quickly. I really admire designers that can add value to their clothes for such an affordable price!

An entire Outfit for $50-70? You won’t find this quality at that price for 3 pieces.

 And your first outfit for $25? You had me at Yoga Pants ❤

You can sign up to be a VIP member (I skip my month sometimes) and you keep your membership pricing but spend $0 you don’t have to get your outfit every single month and I love that! But if workout clothes are your thing, you probably buy new ones each month anyway am I right? 

Here I paired the Valhalah Tee (Size S) with the Sydney Capri (size S) and show off whichever sports bra you’re feeling that day! I’m wearing a Lorna Jane crop top here and paired with my Nike Dunks and I’m ready for Hip Hop tonight! 

You have the option to choose whatever pieces you like, (my favorites are the tights and the Ts!) and mix and match the personal recommendations that they put together JUST for you!

Sign up from my link here =)

And for every friend you refer, you $10 in credit, tell your friends tell your enemies! 

I promise you have never worn tights as soft and flattering as these. Thank you Kate Hudson for this Fab-ulous line 😉 I can’t wait to bring these to some of my favorite Dallas girls! I want to outfit my bridesmaids for a workout weekend, what do you think?! 

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