#ArianaAbs: My biggest Secret!

Happy Hump day! You would think today I would be posting about rumps, lol but sadly no. Sorry, today is all about those Abs! If you’re wondering where this hashtag came from, you can blame K&K from Toneitup-they are seriously too sweet.  I kind of took it to heart. So ever since last June, I vowed to never let go of those #ArianaAbs! Below are my secrets to success. Of course everyone is different. What works for me, might not work for you. Don’t get discouraged! Just try to take into consideration my top tips that I’m going to share with you and add them to your life one step at a time!

Ariana Transformation

Ariana’s Secret Recipe to #ArianaAbs

Step 1: Cut the C.R.A.P!

(Carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and ingredients, and processed foods). I wrote more about that, snack ideas, and my sample meal plan here! This is the number one way to start a healthier lifestyle without stepping foot into the gym, or working up a sweat at home. They don’t provide your body with anything nutritious, just cut that sh$# out! You will immediately notice an improvement in your energy level, your attitude, and how your body feels ‘lighter!’ and this will encourage you to actually exercise when you get ready for that step. 

Step 2: #absaremadeinthekitchen

How tired are you of hearing this? It’s just true. Superfoods are so important because they give you nutrients that your body can break down easily and fuel you for your workout. I highly suggest adding more greens to your diet (I have 4 servings/day!) and a nutrition shake that does not include Soy, Artificial Sweeteners, or Artificial Ingredients listed on the Ingredients list. Personally, I drink Shakeology every day to avoid purchasing these superfoods that add up to $41 per serving. Preparation on Sunday, always leads me to have the right choices to grab during the week to REPLACE the C.R.A.P. I am currently following the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan and workouts together. The most noticeable change for me was to 1) Start small (no fancy recipes) 2) Eat what I prepare for myself (don’t worry everyone slips, but make that intentional 3) Follow the portion control containers, and drink my shake daily.  You can see more details for my meal plan and nutrition, bundled here! 

Step 3: Drink Lots of Water

Drink Half your weight in fL. oz every single day….shoot high, you’ll land closer to your goal even if you don’t hit it. I LOVE straws. I buy them at the grocery store for under $2 a box and I use them to drink all my beverages =) 

Notice how I haven’t even gotten to exercise yet!

Step 4: I exercise. Every.Single.Day.  

For some people, exercising is the easy part, so they start with this step. This was ME! Read more about my story here. But let me honestly, genuinely, and passionately pursue your head and your heart to make the first 3 Steps a permanent change in your life before you even get to step 4 (a lot of people can do both at the same time! Not everyone wants to, and that is OK! This is your journey remember). Eating and portion control was so much harder for me because I just thought I could out-train my poor diet and massive portion sizes.  I changed that obviously. But I still found that the best athletes, trained every day, and their endurance and toned muscles showed it. Do I miss days? Yes, sure I do, but I always make sure to take a walk, do some yoga, play golf, all of these are still keeping things active. 

Training VARIETY is Key!

Since we are on the topic of secrets, I’ll spill. This is my BIGGEST fitness tip! Every single time asked, I will give you this answer. I train my muscles 360 degrees. I never do the same thing every day. My body is constantly guessing, and I’m am constantly sore…lol that’s also because I know when to take a few days off to let my body reset! I have done tons and tons and tons of workout routines, programs, classes, you name it. The reason I am able to maintain my success and even see progress, is because I switch up my program every 30 to 60 days, and I follow a schedule that has been predesigned for me by my at home trainers! That’s about the longest our minds can stand without getting too bored. I do exercise I enjoy! You know what? I hate the treadmill, and have learned that I don’t really like weights this year.  I do love to run outside, but I haven’t stepped foot on a treadmill since last October! And I don’t feel bad about it! I absolutely love to dance/kickbox (Turbo Fire) and I love bootcamps (Focus T25 and Insanity Max 30. HIIT workouts are my favorite form of exercise because they are quick, and the afterburn is long! An effective workout has to have tons of different moves to tone all angles of your body for me to see results. My favorite two programs (posted video links for you) for this have to be Insanity Max 30, and Turbo Fire. I mean, they are both fat burners, and work your core in completely different ways. I do extra Ab routines from Tone it Up, and have long-since learned to do many of my own moves. This is for when I’m looking for SERIOUS definition, but my body doesn’t require that I do two-a day workouts anymore. I only need 30 minutes a day, of heart pumping, total body, pushup, plank, and tuck jump intensive routines to maintain and see results. (2-3x a week is a great place to start) (I also modify a ton! I will do a separate post on Insanity Max 30 later this week =) 

Step 5: Booze gives you a Belly!

Sorry babes, I know it’s harsh, but the binge drinking has to stop! You have to decide what’s more important to you….a slightly memorable time every weekend, or a lifetime of stellar health and energy for fun and activities! THINK of the activities! This is a completely personal choice and I would never force this opinion onto anyone- I LOVE a great bottle of Veuve! And I love wine…but  I average 0-2 drinks of alcohol per week. If I’m having a higher week, maybe its closer to 4 drinks per week-like I said, it’s a personal choice and I am dedicated to a personal goal. If that’s your wiggle room, just make sure you cut some other C.R.A.P from your diet and reduce the drinks where you can! Meet your girlfriends for a fitness class in the evening, instead of the bar. Want a completely different fitness experience in Dallas with BUMPIN music? Check out Dallas Grit Fitness! 

I want to give you my BIGGEST secret, but it’s hard to choose one. So I would say that its very important to remember that SMALL changes, add up to HUGE results, 5 lifestyle changes made on a daily basis will dramatically increase your chances of seeing your life change, and being able to wash your clothes on your stomach….seriously, washboard? Who thought of that, it’s just weird. TOGETHER, all of these things add up to my ‘secret recipe’

Please email me at arianamichellefitness@gmail.com if you would like any more suggestions on what type of schedule to follow, workout ideas, or any other questions. I love hearing from you!

Some of my super easy meals below =)


*i would like to add a disclaimer in here for my future father-in law….who will never stop making fun of me for the ‘amount’ of food I can eat. “Are you eating again?” I am a fan of the 6 ‘small’ meals a day, but when I’m around them, I definitely over-indulge! I’m still working on this, because it’s really not a good practice, however I don’t let it worry me, because I truly do stick to my meal plan 85% of the week, and that has made all the difference!

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