Bikini Series Success! My Top Tips

Hello fabulous fit friends! I know you have all been equally excited about the upcoming challenges this summer! While I am personally hosting a private Beach Babe Bootcamp to help motivate my challengers through the Bikini Series and summer, there are SO many ways to get connected with each other online and kick your goals in the butt!

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This month marks ONE YEAR that I became a Tone it Up Nutrition plan member, joined the Bikini Series, and then became a fitness coach! WOW, so much has happened in a year and I would be remised if I didn’t reflect on it! It can be so intimidating to join any type of challenge….not everyone has that competitive spirit in them, so seeing others progress forward with their goals, might do just the OPPOSITE for you. Does this sound at all familiar? We get so focused on what everyone else is doing, that it can be completely paralyzing to think ‘How will I ever get THERE?!’ I want to stop you in your tracks right now and tell you that this is YOUR journey. I used my living room and the outdoors to get into the best shape of my life. You do not need a gym membership, you just need your own personal drive and to follow a schedule to get you there! Make a commitment to yourself and no one else, and do the best that you can do!! Do your own thing and be 100% yourself!

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This is what has made me successful over the past year! I will be blogging regularly about each week and how to make it the best week ever, I’m SO excited for all the challenges this series will bring!

1) Sign up for a challenge! If it’s the Bikini Series, then you will have everything you need to know in the Starter Pack email once you sign up! If its Beach Babe Bootcamp I will provide you with everything you need from me to get started as well! Whatever it is you’re looking for, its good to write down your goals and do your research. Don’t sign up for something because you feel peer-pressured and its not the right time for you….if you have a major injury or recently had a baby, please make sure you talk to your doctor! It’s OK to be in recovery mode. Allow your body to heal and be restored, there are so many things I would recommend if you are in an in between stage and can’t do all the workouts-however you can get your nutrition on track and join in the fun of weekly and nightly goals/challenges just for fun! Feel like you’re not sure what workouts to do? Feel free to email me at I love hearing from you!

2) Become accountable! You know what seriously seriously changed my life last year? Instagram and Girlfriends!!! I decided to dedicate my account entirely to my fitness and active lifestyle and used each check-in as a ‘meeting’ check in so to speak! It really kept me accountable know that others were doing the same thing….worried about family and friends getting annoyed with your food posts every single day? haha you have two choices…you can create a separate account (I suggest a memorable name, not ashley_tiu, or  ashleyfit, but maybe something that rings true to YOU, like FitbabesandWaves (just an ex) and its easier for us to find you!

-I found some of my BEST friends during the Bikini Series last year. You do not have to do the same workouts, live in the same state, or be the same person to be beach babe friends! I was so blessed to become friends with such beautiful girls and be able to meet and bond at the Tone It Up Retreat in the fall. It was an amazing experience and I unfortunately cannot go this year but I am happy to say that I get to see these babes more throughout the year than I thought I would! (Kandis get your butt down South!) Check on my two babes down here @ashbrooke_balanced and @KandisFit they will support you too! Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.23.51 AM

3) Join an accountability group and find an accountability partner! I have plenty of accountability groups for my challengers and if you are not involved in one, feel free to shoot me an email! I provide extra workouts for you, as well as my personal tips, suggestions, and support 24/7!  If you’re on Instagram, you know the hashtags #tiuteam, #bikiniseries2015 #tiudallas (your home city is a great way to meet other active girls in your community!) which I would highly recommend for doing a challenge with. You can also find my girls under #bridalbootcamp #beachbabebootcamp and #fitgirlmechanic. I LOVE keeping tabs on you! Feel free to check in with me once a week, or every day! I can’t wait to cheer you on and see how you’re doing throughout these next 8 weeks!
But you can also hashtag other things you are interested in to find girls with the same interests as you! (besides fitness) so engage with each other, support each other, comment on each other’s photos and say ‘awesome job today babe!’ and find someone who is maybe on the same stage of their journey as you! A partner should be someone who you can relate to, and who will understand the plateaus you might be facing, or the tough workouts that you go through together ‘wow those bikini abs really burned today!’  It will help you both set REAListic goals for yourself!

-Motivate yourself with some new clothes from Fabletics! Or a ShopSaltWaterGirl Bikini! I’ll be gifting some of my challengers with a new Bikini of their choice at the end of each month until Summer I’m so excited for you!!!

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4) Give yourself grace! Is this your first fitness challenge? Not to fear! Take it slow! You have totally earned yourself a pat on the back JUST for signing up! Know that progress takes time and you cannot compare yourself to anyone’s journey but your own! You are in charge of your choices and your decisions, so don’t place blame on someone else when they ‘seem to be doing better’ Instagram makes everything look better! Do you think we are all looking tan and fine all day every day? Um HELL no! So remember that this is the start of something BEAUTIFUL for you! You can take it one day at a time, and know that EACH and every day that you keep going, those small changes will add up! See my one year progress below!


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