Jennifer’s Transformation and Overwhelming Story of Hope!

It’s Transformation Tuesday!
Meet Jennifer. A sunny, happy young mom, who once thought she could not overcome her anxieties and get in control of her mind and body. We connected instantly last year after talking online and on the phone. She is such a pleasure to chat with, and one of my most dedicated challengers ever! When Jen is on, she’s on! She works extremely hard to get results. No shortcuts. I admire Jen for all that she has overcome, for her kindness towards others, and especially for her resilience and perseverance in being away from family for so long! I’m so excited for your new home Jen, and your new outlook on life. Keep going! Those kids are too cute not to chase around.
Jennifer Fraley Beach
1) What was your main motivation for making a dedicated commitment to your health and fitness?
ME & my family. I was living with a very unhappy young woman within myself & I knew that I had to make a change – I had to learn to love ME again so that I could give love to my family. 2 1/2  Years ago I went through some things that would change me forever. I resigned from the Corporate world & became a Stay at Home Mom- BEST job in the world & the MOST challenging!
Just 4 months after my youngest daughter was born in 2012, my husband had a terrible accident that would change our lives forever…looking back now I can say it changed for the best but at that moment it was devastating. He is a US Marshal & was shot in the line of duty while serving a warrant to an armed drug dealer. He was shot 3 times in his right leg completely shattering the tibia. I received the phone call at 12 AMwith my 4 mo & 9 yr old daughters lying next to me. That night would change me forever- I drove 2 hours in terror – being told on the phone call by the ER Dr that he may not survive & if he did he may lose his leg. Thank God…
He did survive! He surprised us all by going back to work just 6 months after the accident to full duty. Those 6 months were hell….I developed PTSD- severe paranoia, anxiety & nightmares. Needless to say, I was on an array of medications that had terrible side effects that negatively impacted my metabolism. I lost my self confidence & felt like I couldn’t do anything to come out of my fog. I stopped all the medication last year, but the side effects  left me feeling unhealthy – sluggish, weak & overweight. In addition, March 2014 I had a hysterectomy. Boy, did that wreck my body 😦 I have been fighting to get my stomach muscles strong again & get my metabolism back on track. After all these set backs I decided I had to fight to get ME back & kick this mess in the BOOTY!
Jennifer Fraley
2)  How has your Beachbody program and meal plan helped you create changes to your lifestyle? 
 I purchased Beach body DVDs & started to gain strength back- both mentally & physically. It has been a slow climb, but I feel amazing compared to what I was feeling 2 years ago! Its never too late & being fit is the answer to a happy YOU. Training with Beach body & running has helped eliminate my migraines, cured my insomnia, increased my energy & given me my smile back 🙂
I am currently using PIYO with Chalene Johnson- she is one of my favorite Beach body trainers! I seriously feel like she is in my living room with me cheering me on! I am also starting 21 day Fix Extreme for my 2nd round. This workout is KILLER! You get results FAST! I love the products that Beach body offers- they make me feel good from the inside out.
3) Did you have slip-ups or setbacks along the way? How did you get back on track?
ABSOLUTELY! I am human 🙂 I indulged in wine and Cheetos a couple times too many …it didn’t take me long to realize I was going down the wrong path! My body TOLD me….here’s the thing. Once you start treating your body right from the inside out- putting bad in too often will make it MAD. I never realized how not staying active & keeping a clean diet can make you feel so sluggish & unhappy. I have experienced what feeling energetic, full of life & confident can be like & that’s all the kick in my butt I need to get back on track.
4) How has the use of an online accountability community helped you achieve your goals and stay accountable?
Having a community to help hold me accountable has made ALL the difference for me! Missing a workout becomes really hard when you know others are watching…also getting all the inspiration & support from my peers creates a positive energy for me to carry through my day to day life.
5) What do you love about Shakeology?!
I love the TASTE of the chocolate & the energy it gives me! Once I didn’t get my order because I forgot to update my address when we moved & I could really tell a difference in the way I felt from just missing a week’s worth of shakes!  I will Never miss a day again!
6) What is your favorite particular Beachbody workout so far?! What other workouts do you love to add to your routine?
PIYO is my all time fave because I love Yoga & Pilates – and PIYO really challenges your body to go places it has never gone with flexibility! I also enjoy running & weight training. I like to keep my routine very “colorful”- VARIETY is the key for me! I never get bored with all the different Beachbody workout programs & challenges I get from my accountability groups.
Jennifer also loves Tone it Up. We met through the TIU community and became instant friends and motivators!

7) Why did you want to work with FitGirlMechanic as your coach?! 
Simple. Because when I found Ari through the TIU community I found a REAL person- someone I could truly connect with. Ari has been there for me every step of my journey…never judging just inspiring! I love that she has an authenticity in her coaching & she’s there to help you – nothing else- no hidden purpose in her approach!
8) What’s something fun that your challenge has helped you achieve?!
PLANKS, push ups on my feet & running 2 miles without stopping! These are all things that I could barely do before Beachbody & its only up from here!
9) What’s next and what do you plan on trying next?! Something we might not know about your workout routine?
I really want to try T25 next & my big goal for the summer is to run a 5k without stopping! I have also wanted to try a spin class but never gotten the courage to before, so this summer I plan to take a “spin”!
10) Connect on social media-we want to support your journey! 
 IG: @funfitsun

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