May Recap- Staying Fit with Dallas Grit Fitness!


Happy Friday! Still highlighting some amazing events in May and I have to share with you what I’ve been up to! May was full of sweaty workouts! With the Bikini Series going on, and summer quickly approaching, there’s a lot of motivation to get into the best shape of your life isn’t there?! For me, I typically slack off in the January-March time-frame. However, this year’s plateau came at an odd time. April-May was a pretty challenging for me. I just couldn’t seem to get the right meals down, or the most appealing workout schedule for me. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have SO much going on, that you just make bad nutrition decisions or do nothing in the form of exercise from the fear of not getting it all done. It can also be the fear that something is just too hard, and it will burn a lot to push yourself past that point of exhaustion and short of breath-ness. If you are ever paralyzed by this fear, I have a solution for you. Commit to one thing at a time! Don’t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. I finally set a goal for myself to work on two things in May. 1) Instructor training practice 2) Workouts at Dallas Grit Fitness-my local fitness studio on Ross Avenue. I have been a proud member here for 4 months now, and I am so happy to be able to participate in this one-of-a-kind boutique fitness studio.

I met Brittani Rettig, the self-made Dallas Blogger and Fitness Instructor last summer at her class Flexin Flow (Currently running all summer at the W Hotel for FREE!). It was a free class held on the WetDeck at the Victory W Hotel in downtown Dallas which made it really easy for #TIUDallas girls to meet up on Saturday mornings. From the time I started taking her classes, I knew I wanted to experience more of that high energy and positive affirmation in my life on a daily basis. Well Brit-thanks for making that happen this year! I couldn’t be happier for you and the planned/inevitable success of your business! Brit continues to inspire me with her hard work and dedication to making other’s lives-FUN and FUFILLING!  Let that sunshine into your life sister! Grit Fitness has a full schedule of classes during the week and I have written some reviews below for you to see what my *optimal week looks like.

The Grit Fitness challenge for May, was to complete 8 Sunrise classes (6am or 6:30am). Once I got over my slump in the first week of May, I really wanted to complete the challenge! I started a bit late though and ended up traveling on business for the last week in May. So I was a few classes short-darn I really wanted a new Grit Tank! (Girt Swag can only be earned not bought!). But it made me realize how much I was missing those Bootycalls! If you’re a Tone it Up girl, you know what a Bootycall means. If you think I’m a slut-puppy (MIL lingo), it just means you are getting your sweat on, first thing in the morning, because other things come up in the day and sometimes prevent you from fitting in that workout!

To find me at Grit, and hear more about what a 6am morning week looks like-I’ve reviewed some of my favorite classes below. Like I said, I’m always changing up my routine, so this month I began running outside again because I love being outside! Please reach out to me if you’re a member, and let’s take a class together! Friendship and fun are a part of our Grit family, and accountability is the name of my game. 

P.S you can find us on SnapChat! ArianaInfo and GritByBrit!

Friends at Grit

Dallas Grit Fitness

Monday: 6am Flexin’ Flow™ -Melissa Bass ‘If yoga, pilates and boot camp had a baby, it would be “Flexin’ Flow!” Our signature, total body workout is designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance’ What to Prepare: Wear yoga tights and a loose fitting shirt- Yoga Matt, Bare Feet, Water/Towel 50 minutes of sweat and stretch!

*I also do my own toning routines or TIU routines at lunch or evening= total body with weights, abs, and Run-2-3 miles

Tuesday: 6am Body Sculpt™ My favorite and most challenging class by Brittani Rettig-weights, cardio, and fresh hits every Tuesday morning. ‘Our original total body, dumbbell resistance training and cardio interval class with isolated focus on each major muscle group. Build lean muscle mass and burn body fat while enjoying upbeat music and a rockstar instructor.’ Sign up for this class a day or two early as it always sells out! (Dallas Grit Fitness app in the app store)

50 minutes of ‘one more rep!’

+ Evening jog or run, and extra Abs and booty TIU routine

Wednesday: 6am Flexin Flow with Melissa Bass-Melissa has a gentle spirit and an amazing awareness of her body. She will guide you through a fun, challenging, and soul-captivating class to funky beats. You will leave wondering how you got through those leg-burning songs. If you’re looking for a relaxing Savasana….this is not the class for you! 50 minutes of WERK!

+ Wednesday 6:30pm Turbo Kick with Emily Tang. Emily picks great Turbo Rounds and makes every move seem effortless! I have been doing Turbo Kick for 8 years now, so if you don’t know the moves, Emily will guide you through! Keep coming back…you will get the routine down in 3-5 classes! Emily is my motivation to find a second-wind after work. Turbo Kick is high energy, choreographed kickboxing, with HIIT intervals in a 50 minute class.

Thursday: Grit HIIT with Brittani Rettig- total bootay-kicker with awesome music. Any workout that is highly athletic and challenging to make you dig deep gets an A++ in my book. This class uses medicine balls and cardio drills to build endurance, strength, and push you to your max to effectively burn fat during the day. If you can breathe at the end of class, you didn’t work hard enough! 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Friday: 6am Grit HIIT™ with Maria Rowe- different moves from what we did yesterday-which is why I love this studio….always keeping your body guessing! Maria leads a challenging, sweaty, and motivating 30 min interval workout with the medicine balls and cardio intervals of this signature Grit class. At Grit, you will always get the same format across classes, but with a new flavor every day. You’ll get a total body burn that will help you continue burning calories through the day and earn that happy hour! 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Friday Happy Hour: 30-50 minute run on the Katy Trail. I love relaxing with a good run and glass of wine after work!

Saturday: 10am Turbo Kick™ with Anabelle Williams- high energy, highly choreographed, kickboxing. I love Anabelle’s classes because she really knows how to shake it and help the class loosen up! Come to class expecting to body pump your way to a six pack! The warm-up always stays the same. You can try this workout at home (Turbo Fire) if you don’t have access to a live class. Cardio with HIIT intervals in a 50 minute class.

(I may start adding the 11am Body Sculpt to my day here too!) There are so many fun classes offered on Saturdays and Sundays!

For all classes, I recommend you wear yoga crops/tights and loose fitting shirts (or sports bra!) we LOVE bright colors! Always water,  towel, and a ‘Never Quit’ attitude! Check out the Full Schedule of Classes at DallasGritFitness.Com and download the app to easily register! Have ClassPass or Studio Hop? Use the MindBodyConnect App for all your classes in Dallas!

Dallas Grit Fitness2

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