Bikini Series Results and Review!

Bikini Series 2015 Partners

Happy Sunday everyone! I know I know, you’re probably already feeling those #bikiniseriesblues today with the conclusion of the 8 week Bikini Series yesterday. But there are SO many fun options to follow this summer and you have the energy to tackle them! Keep in touch with those friends that you made, and make new challenges for yourself. First I want to say congratulations to all of you!! Whether you started on Week 1 with a fantastic attitude and full meals prepped, or if you found Tone it Up for the first time just a few weeks ago and desire to make a lifestyle change, you did something amazing for yourself!

You have done what 99% of the world will not do…make a commitment to something. Take a leap of faith! Go out of your comfort zone. SHOW UP. How many of you have been stood up by friends who say they will be there for a class or an event? You’re dependable….and that means a lot to your friends too! It is extremely hard in a highly distracted and socially immersed culture that we live in, to give up some of the things and the time we cherish, and dedicate that to loving your body! I’m so proud of all you have accomplished. You completed hundreds of thousands of ‘cardio miles’ together, as well as tried new recipes, new workouts, and MOST importantly, made some new friends! Fitness is so much more fun with friends. I am going to give you a few tips for making new friends this summer! Some people tell me ‘You’re so brave, how do you just walk up to someone and become friends?’ I wasn’t always this way! Tone it Up for me is not about worshipping Karena and Katrina. It’s about living without fear of who you are. Two talented women who I admire so much, could have never imagined the plans that would unfold for them. They did not know how many girls they would help become confident enough to do exactly what they started out doing-work out together, share life, and inspire others! When you’re at a loss, simply say ‘Hello, how are you?! What’s your name?’ I guarantee a conversation will start.

The beginning of the series was rough for me!

I wasn’t prepared, or mentally ready to get back to a clean diet. I was pretty much all over the place for the first two weeks. After a very hard winter on my body, I had taken a break from following one program in March/April. This is always, always, always my downfall! When I’m trying to follow too many at once, I get overwhelmed, and unhappy with my workouts, and things do not fall into place. This year’s Bikini Series had SO many choices to follow, it was unrealistic for me to get everything on the schedule done for the day. And I just couldn’t decide ‘Do I want to follow the 8 week schedule to the Beach Babe 3 DVD?’ or ‘Do I want to follow the weekly schedule with free workouts on and youtube?’ I’m sure you had the same thoughts. Because I really wanted to try ALL of the workouts! My advice for your next round, is to choose only one, and stick to it. After that, begin your next 8 weeks with the other schedule.

Schedules are foolproof!

And when you follow a program like Tone it Up, or Beachbody, or your Fitness Studio, you are going to get a weekly plan to build and burn the way they designed the workouts for you. No guesswork, just do your planned workout, and the results will show up a few weeks later- I promise!

Come week 3 I finally had a plan to follow my studio classes and the weekly toning routines. Now I had more time to focus on the workouts, and making better food choices! My accountability partner this year, Kaytie (@tiu_Kaytie) followed the 8 Week Program, she killed it with her meals and the workouts!! And she added some serious muscle definition to her petite frame! I really admire how different our bodies are. I know a lot of people look at us and think ‘They don’t need to lose weight!’ like I said….this lifestyle isn’t about losing weight, its about GAINING everything else. When you get to that point, you feel unstoppable! Kaytie and I sometimes enable each other, which is dangerous haha! We LOVE to eat, and we love In and Out Burger. When that happens, you need to stick together, and make a goal to work towards. I’m 100% sure we earned our In and Out Burger yesterday (and my weakness is MilkShakes, you’ll be happy to know I did not have one!) Having someone to encourage me and check in with every day, was a lifesaver. I could not have succeeded without her! Now she has to put up with me being a crazy #tiubride for the next year until she walks down the aisle with me. Not only did I find a workout partner through Tone It Up, but I found a great friend who shares my faith and passion for being a Godly woman.

I joined a local fitness studio in January (see my review on Dallas Grit Fitness in the previous post!) so most of my morning BootyCall workouts were classes there! I got my cardio miles in from Turbo Kick (LOTS of it because I’m an instructor and its one of my favorite workouts), Grit HIIT, Dance Cardio,  the HIITY Bitty Bikini routine, and walking and running.

My favorite workouts of the series included:

The Beach Ball Workout (Beach Babe DVD3), Karena’s Beach Arms (Beach Babe DVD3), Buns and Thighs Routine (on Youtube or and the new Bikini Abs. I love variety, and all of these moves are familiar to me so I can interchange them into my workouts wherever I see fit. That comes with time! Keep following routines and you will be able to make up your own soon too!

2015 Bikini Series Before and After

Overall, I actually lost 6 lbs, and 4″ which  I know you can’t see here!

(that’s why the scale is deceiving) It mostly came from the last couple of weeks of a very clean diet and consistent exercise every single day. I drank 70-90 Fl. OZ of water every day too! I was pretty surprised at the results because I’ve been working out for so many years that my body really needs intense exercise to change. All of the variety really helped. This series I did not do as much running as last year. I saw a significant difference in my legs and my booty last year from running, however this year I have a lot more muscle. Personally, all of my weight goes to those areas and running and walking keeps me a lot leaner. I still lost inches in my hips, but my booty grew (people pay money for that! Just do a lot of squats and booty routines!) It’s so amazing to see what our bodies can do, and now I know what to add back into the equation to slim down for summer. I’m most happy with feeling less bloated, a lot lighter when I run, and my arms and back! I feel really confident going to the pool and my upcoming engagement photo shoot!Bikini Series

My plan for the summer!  

This summer I plan to tackle a pretty full schedule of classes at Dallas Grit Fitness, and run/walk! I love being outside in my neighborhood and it’s a great way to get some Vitamin D that we haven’t seen in two months with all of the Texas rain we got. While I’m traveling, I’ll have my Beachbody DVDs, and BB3 workouts to keep me company and I never see myself running out of options =) I hope you all have an amazing June! I can’t wait to see all those fun bikini pics-you deserve it!

xoxo, Ari

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