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Long-time-no-see my lovely readers! The past 6 months have gotten crazy that’s for sure! After some technical issues with my blog I’m so happy to be back! I have been keeping up with you on Instagram and let me just say- y’all are killin it out there! I’ve seen you step up your workouts, dial in your nutrition and really start treating your mind/body with kindness. YGG! That’s what the #tiulife is all about.

Today is the first post in my wedding and lifestyle series over the next 9 weeks-that’s right-only 9 weeks until I am a MRS! Woah. So hold on tight, I have A LOT to say 😉 These posts can be applied to most of you even if you’re not getting married.

Today’s topic: #thatbudgetlife

You’re probably wanting to hear more about my workouts and my nutrition-I promise I’ll get there! Something I’m extremely passionate about is personal finances. I truly believe that addressing your personal finances will set you up to be emotionally free and financially stable to be your best self in this opportunistic world we live in. To stand on your own two feet and feel independent will in turn set you up to feel confident in that relationship when it turns out to be ‘the one’. And believe me when I tell you it will come at you 100mph without warning, in the middle of the night, screaming ‘you can’t pass this one up!’ Next post….relationships 😉

1st things first. If I can give you any advice at all, stop using those credit cards.

#1 Get in control!

Like for serious. Right now. I realize there are lots of unique situations, so I suggest by starting to read or listen to Dave Ramsey’s ‘Total Money Makeover’ its got some great basic principles to help you move towards any of your financial goals.  Do whatever you need to do to pay off those cards. Need to take a second job? Take it. Need to cut back on your $200 a month Starbucks habit? Hello….right there, throw that at it each month. Work staff at your local gym or studio-heads up, they’ll probably give you some sort of discount or membership-remove that from your budget right there! I’ll share with you my personal roller coaster that’s really embarrassing. I racked up a ton of debt when I moved to Dallas to be on my own. Eek! I spent when I shouldn’t have, and took vacations that I just ended up throwing on the cc. It wasn’t until I got a second job until I realized I was totally out of control. I worked extra hours from my computer tirelessly for about a year, and it finally hit me that I was spending way more than I was earning. So finally I got serious and used this second income to pay down my debt. I sold a few big items, and after 2 years, I was finally rid of ANY credit card debt.

#2 Set up that Budget!

Two very well-known tools that you should take a look at: You Need A Budget and Mint. I personally, use Mint. Now, it doesn’t work if you don’t stick to the budget. Sure, at first I was really anxious about every dollar and paid attention to my account every single day. But once I started to only spend cash/debit card, I was able to see where my problem areas were and then I stopped being stressed about it. After I was in control I set out to cut back in those problem areas. After that I was able to start saving! In the past 4 years I have been able to pay off almost 30K in debt (yes you read that right, thank you student loans and a car), AND get this-save 10K. I’m not one to boast, but I want to encourage you to tackle a goal that may seem really ambitious. You can do it, and you should do it!

#Easy steps to pay off debt

  • Think outside the box. I swallowed my pride and moved in with my parents for 2 years post college. During this time, I doubled my student loan payments and threw every extra bit of cash and bonuses from my job, at my debt. Looking back I know I could have done much more but I’ve learned so much and that’s what’s important. Learn now, not later!
  • Don’t spend on the useless stuff- coffee runs, buying water bottles, the mall (just don’t go there!) saying YES to everything…work on that one. Eating out every day, living far away from work, going out every single night of the weekend, buying new outfits every week, every month. Those eyelash extensions-girl go to Sally’s! First area to trim down.
  • Budget budget budget….determine what you NEED to pay for each month…evaluate how much is left over, try to save a good portion of that.
  • Budget for the things that are really important to you- if the gym membership is a must, cut back on the clothes, etc.
  • Sell anything you can to make extra cash
  • BYOL- Bring your own lunch….need I say more? This one whittles the waistline as well as the wallet 😉
  • Get educated- don’t be the person that doesn’t even look at your bank account! You really should know exactly where every dollar is going. Start evaluating where you’re at. Read up on some books and articles.
  • FOLLOW-UP…Return those purchases, and call BACK those stupid companies that keep charging your cards for subscriptions you cancelled. This happens all the time. Consistency is key. Don’t give up. Get those credits back to your account and those refunds paid in full. I promise you this have saved me hundreds of dollars just by following up! It’s a pain in the butt that’s for sure. Definitely worth it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little secrets. It feels amazing to pay off that first group of student loans-huge confidence booster. Paying off debt can be addictive-that’s a good thing. Don’t be afraid to say no! Get it girl. Get free.

Stop back soon to read about budgeting for weddings (as a guest) and as a bride! I am so excited to share all of my planning with you.



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