Wedding Series: Planning an EPIC Bachelorette!

Hey lovelies! Hope you enjoyed your weekend…..I’ll be honest, it took me an entire week to recover from my bachelorette last weekend! It was truly a weekend I will never forget and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for making it so special! It was laid back, but full of dancing and champagne….pretty much all you need for one epic bach weekend. Read below if you are thinking of planning one soon! Huge shoutout to The Ride House for hosting our event and providing an awesome experience to my friends!

Ari Bach Green Bike

My bride Squad, sometimes I wonder why they let me kick their butts! xoxo


There is so much pressure these days to do something over to get your gals together for your last hurrah. Let me assure you it CAN be drama free if you consider some of my tips! These are only suggestions and you can toss my advice out the window if you want, but hopefully my insights can help you start planning a fun weekend for your bride or with your bridesmaids.

#1 Do what YOU want! The traditional bachelorette is usually planned by the MOH and her bridesmaids, but sometimes the burden call fall onto one bridesmaid. It’s important to tell your gals exactly what you want to do for your day or weekend, and delegate tasks to the girls so they know exactly how they can help. If your MOH is not the most organized in the group, politely ask her if she doesn’t mind getting some help from the other girls as well. (If she is a true friend she will accept some help, there is nothing wrong with sharing responsibilities in planning…in fact she might be relieved).  If you want to eat brunch and take a painting class-go for it! If you want to take a workout class-do it. All I wanted was a weekend together with my girlfriends and to share my biggest passion with them-fitness! My bridesmaids listened to my requests of a laid-back weekend with only a few set plans. Sure it might make me a type-A bride for being so involved, but in the end your girls want you to have a wonderful weekend so you might as well be specific!

#2 Keep it simple, keep it small: I was fortunate to have the opportunity to use a house and host my girlfriends in Dallas! We cooked some really yummy meals at home and my bridesmaids planned some fun surprises to keep us busy at the house. Something to consider is if everyone has to fly in-use a house! If flights are cheap to travel elsewhere then you won’t be breaking the bank. Less is more-don’t feel like you have to have every second of the day planned out. By having only a few things planned, we were able to relax (you will need naps) and take our time getting ready for our night out on the town.

Ari Bach Champagne

Pop Champagne!

#3 Consider your bridal party, remember this is NOT your last girls trip together: Here is my honest opinion…its a little blunt but that’s me and that’s why you come back to my blog. No one wants to talk about this-so I’m going there! I’m speaking as a bride who loves to travel. I love adventure and I love a good vacation. However…..I took a lot of time to think about the logistics of our wedding and what was going on in everyone else’s lives as well. Do you have a party of girls who have baller jobs that make it easy to drop $1000 for the weekend? Great! Absolutely nothing wrong with that so please know I am not judging you. Know your group dynamic and honor your friends. Don’t ask your girlfriends to put this weekend on the credit card to throw down in Vegas or Napa if you know they might not be able to afford it. Sure I really would have loved to go to the beach and get out on a boat on the ocean, but my entire guest list was already flying into town for the wedding weekend. Making my bridesmaids rent a house and pay for an entire weekend going out just didn’t seem reasonable to me. I also realized that mine is not the ONLY wedding they are attending this year. I have girlfriends who are in or attending 5-14 weddings this year! I also realize when you sign up to be a bridesmaid there are certain responsibilities expected of you. Just consider doing your best to fulfill the events you can. Can’t attend an event? Send a gift or at least a card! Notes go a long way. But be honest with yourself and your bride if you can’t attend certain events! It’s important for you to make decisions that are right for you and your family. If you’re saving up for a family vacation-make a list of priorities and stick to them. On the bride side….make sure you don’t set yourself up for disappointment if everyone can’t make it. If the location is most important to you, understand that your whole party might not be able to come. In the end, if these are your true friends you will have lots of other weekends spent with them I hope! Whatever you do, relax, dance your tail off and enjoy time spent with the people you love most.

#4 Network! Talk to lots of people to make it happen! I could not have planned a spin class for 30 girls without the help of my bridesmaid Kaytie, but also the greater fitness community of Dallas. Building relationships with them has been invaluable and the fact that all of these women showed up to show me love for a day meant the world to me! I feel so honored to call them my friends, and going out of my comfort zone to make new friends here in Dallas is something I will never regret.

Ari's Bach TIU girls

#TIUDallas! We follow each other to workouts and brunch and everything in between.

Ari Bach Squad


Ari Bach Ride House Studio

Gettin Rowdy! The energy in this room was insane!

Ari Bache 2016 Ride House

I had the best time riding the podium and dancing with Allen!

Ari Bach Allen

Our fab instructor Allen!


Ari Bach Main Betch

This girl has been a huge motivation for me during my wedding slimdown.


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