About @Fitgirlmechanic

Why the name Fitgirlmechanic?

As I began my journey of becoming a personal trainer last year, I realized that I had a deep passion for the way the body moves and grooves! From a young age, I was fascinated and focused on making sure I learned all the correct ways to move my body to make it catch fly balls and hit home runs! (mostly triples though 😉 that’s for you Dad). This obsession with biomechanics never really changed, as I fell in love with several sports throughout college. I loved rock climbing, started running half marathons, and bought my first road bike on craigslist! These were all sports that allowed me to analyze my body movements precisely. It wasn’t a surprise that I chose to study multiple subjects in college and settled on Industrial Design and Packaging Engineering. My love for building things, solving puzzles, and understanding how things work, and go from point A to point B led me to find systems and equations to fitness a reality that truly worked for me! I’m a tried and true type A….if it’s not on the list, it won’t get done. My old professor used to joke that I was the person who would ADD it to the list after I finished it, just so I could check off another box! LOL! Fitgirlmechanic seemed too appropriate, as I wanted to help people better understand their bodies and how THEY worked individually! Trying multiple sports throughout my life (I’ll make a list below) really allows me to see how other people do it. If I can test it out before I suggest it to someone else, I DO it. If I haven’t, I find someone that has! My mission is to help you find workouts and activities that will be fun for you and keep you strong so you can keep up with your kids, and then your grandkids. My mom can lift more than me, my dad could probably throw a side kick to save my life, and one of my grandmother’s was still beating my in Tennis in her 80s! And there’s pretty much no way I could ever catch up to fastest skiing fathers in my life. I’ve been blessed to have so many older athletes to show me the way throughout my life, and inspire me to catch up to them! Now I’m paying it forward!

Athletic Does Not Mean Healthy!


before and after

My Journey as a recovering ice cream addict.

From a young age, I was an active kid. There was no shortage of softball games, or training sessions, or days at the park for me. My dad was an amazing athlete and probably my first role model. I always wanted to be as strong as him or as fast as him (not a chance!). Sports came so easy to me!

Cooking, eating and nutrition? I didn’t even understand what the word nutrition meant. You would never ever find me in the kitchen, unless it was to taste what mom was making-thanks mom! We’re Italian, the variety was aplenty. Growing up and throughout college, I literally ate whatever I wanted. Because I was an athlete, I thought all the workouts I did would just balance everything out. It became a competition among friends to see how much more I could eat than them. Pizza? No problem, Mac n Cheese…how can you resist? And let’s not forget about ice cream. I’m pretty sure I was an ice cream kid, and interpreted my doctor’s recommendation that I keep up with my calcium intake as ‘ice cream diet’. Just ask my mom. My entire family bonds over food. I just had no idea what it was doing to my body.

Fast forward to college and I discover I can no longer eat dairy or large amounts of processed foods –WHAT?! No more ice cream or pizza?! I later found out that all of these reactions were the cause of my cystic acne’s reaction to Acutane (now illegal). This caused huge insecurities in my life-it’s not always weight that’s holding us back! I hated my face, and was convinced that people only saw my scars or my most recent breakouts. I tried the whole ‘dairy free’ thing and monitored my diet, and started feeling better. But despite my knowledge of the foods I was unable to eat, I still ate them. I was constantly making myself sick because of my own choices. The weight that I had gained in college wasn’t all that concerning to me because I trained for races every summer and fall (half marathons and triathlons). So I was moving, and I was totally healthy in that perspective. I even decided to become a personal trainer because I loved fitness! But my acne was seriously still a huge struggle for me, and I didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes or my skin. Something had to change. I would seriously be happy if I could put my best face forward.

So much of our journey has to come from resolving to take action of our own weaknesses. Mine was cooking, and being lazy with my meals. So finally, I decided to cut cold turkey all the dairy and bread I was sneaking into my diet (milkshakes on road trips, donuts at the office) –please, we all keep secrets. I was not portrait of health on the inside. Just because I looked ‘in shape’ didn’t mean I felt very healthy. I had moved to a new place, and had a beautiful kitchen, so what was I going to do with myself?! When I finally decided to purchase a nutrition plan from Tone it Up, and commit to their annual Bikini Series challenge, my entire life changed. I printed out the plan, tried one new recipe a week, and learned how and when to eat the right things!

(How I got to Texas is an entirely different story I am in the process of writing!) My skin cleared up with the overhaul on my diet and my new balanced PH levels. I was eating more fruits and vegetables, playing with new recipes, and actually enjoying cooking! (Something my sister and my mom are so amazing at) The other huge change was the consistency in my healthy choices while eating out, and my workouts. I try to do something every single day. I attribute my success to HIIT workouts like T25 and Turbo Fire, and I also included Tone it Up workouts in my daily routine. My daily victories are not at all related to the scale-and I’m so grateful I had help. The support and accountability I had online blew me away, and I thought ‘well, I want to help other people do this!!’ But I wouldn’t be here making new friends, if it wasn’t for some huge supporters in my life. My family has been so inspiring to me in different ways. My mom with her love of cooking. My sister with her creative recipes and love of food and laughter. My Dad and my brother for just loving me when I need it. And of course my boyfriend and his family. They have inspired me to be the best person I can be and I want the same for you! Surround yourself with positive people, because the results are toxic!

Are you ready to make a change in your life? I can’t wait to hear your story.

piyo on the roof


My Tone it Up Life and my Beachbody Attitude

I was born to be a beachbabe. lol that sounds completely ridiculous. No I truly was! I love the beach and my desire to go camping is long since fleeting. The sun makes me extremely happy and I love the water so much, that I did my first open water SCUBA dives this year with my fiancé. I’m totally hooked. I love everything about it. Although I don’t live there, there’s a breezy attitude that I’m learning to adapt to my type A-high-strung-wait my workout top doesn’t match my shoes- personality. You’ll notice that I’m a Tone it Up girl at heart. There’s a voice of humble confidence in the community that is growing rapidly and I’m working on a big project just because it has inspired me to enrich more women’s lives. These girls are my sisters, my motivators, my daily inspiration, and my friends. We go to fitness classes together when we can, go on runs out on the trails, meet up for brunch and dinners, and have ridiculous inside jokes that I LOVE. But I also love to coach and be a person of influence-it’s my true passion. I love to coach because it gives me the opportunity to help change lives. I needed a platform to grow my personal training business from the ground up and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I believe you can find balance in all things and being part of two amazing communities is one of them! I have found some best friends and huge role models through my business, and probably would have quit chasing my dreams of financial freedom and fitness instructing months ago had it not been for them. There is so much I am learning about myself and how to grow as a leader in this age of social media health and fitness explosion is occurring! I have huge goals for next year and having major support has been the push I needed. I can’t wait to see how 2014 ends and 2015 begins!

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