Your BEST Bikini Series Yet!

It’s finally here, the most motivating time of the year-the Bikini Series! Read below for my top 5 tips for making the next 8 weeks COUNT! I started to implement these just 2 months ago and below are my results! I’ve stayed the same exact weight, but seen enormous changes in my body. I plan to continue on with you to make this summer one of unforgettable adventures and confidence! I’ve already seen some amazing energy from this community and you inspire me to get my butt moving every day-so thanks!

Bikini Series 2016 Before

#1 Don’t QUIT! Do something EVERY DAY (with an active rest day)  Here’s one of my favorite words- DISCIPLINE. It takes 21-30 days to see changes in ourselves, and can sometimes take longer if you’re half-assing it. Cut that crap out-you are waiting your time! You won’t change anything by keeping it in your comfort zone. During EACH of your workouts, I want you to focus on your form, your power, and your strength. (Keep your butt down during planks, do those pushups on your knees if you can’t fully extend your arms, keep your back flat not rounded during deadlifts!) Don’t save your energy for later in the workout. I promise you will still have some power left and then you’ll be wondering ‘why didn’t I push myself harder?!’ If you feel pain-STOP, if you are burning- KEEP GOING! If you are BRAND new to working out, your goal is going to be finishing your workout while pacing yourself. Need to take breaks? Need to miss some reps? That’s a part of starting out-take those breaks! Just keep going and promise me you will try your best to get to the end. Yes, you will be sore for the first few weeks, but when you push PAST this point there is some magic that happens and you will feel AMAZING! Don’t quit on me, I’m right here with you!

#2 Do NOT spend hours on Instagram looking at other girls bodies-its not yours! This is beyond emotionally damaging and also degrading to yourself. You do not deserve to view yourself as anything but beautiful, and if you’re unhappy then only YOU can make a change. Don’t compare your life or circumstances. If you find yourself in this pattern, put the phone down and go for a walk (even if it’s just around the office or the block).

#3 Don’t try to do everything at once- meal prepping can be extremely overwhelming. If you’re following the 8 week plan, I suggest trying out 1 or 2 recipes for lunch and dinner PER WEEK. Don’t buy all the ingredients or you will let them go to waste (your $$ too). I promise you will not be in the mood for something one day. Instead, keep the standards at hand so you can whip up some quick chicken or turkey and broccoli at night- there’s NOTHING wrong with routine or repetition. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Personally I prep my proteins and veggies at the beginning of the week and store them in containers that are easy to reach. Some days I want apples or bananas, and some days I want tacos-just being honest. I will be trying my best to avoid processed food for the next 6 weeks (until my wedding!) but I allow myself wiggle room since I need to reach 1800 calories per day and my days are very active. Don’t make it a habit, but don’t beat yourself up!

#4 It’s going to take hard work-I don’t have to remind you we are all created differently but this fact holds true for any woman-changing your body is HARD! There’s a reason studios and fitness corporations have been coming out with more challenging and even grueling workouts over the past 5 years. For numerous reasons (American’s have horrible diets) and we are extremely sedentary, it takes some extra umph to get rid of those stubborn lbs. When you feel discouraged remember you are doing this to be the healthiest you, and yes passing on that night out of drinking will bring you closer to your goals-celebrate with a like-minded girlfriend.

#5 WATER! Eating 6 meals a day requires you to be hydrated (plus those workouts) wow, that’s a lot to digest! My current goal is 100 oz (that’s about 6-7 of my 16oz plastic cups). Buy a new water bottle or a cup to stay motivated to drink. I keep track by writing on the top with a dry-erase marker-water works right? I can’t stress this last point enough. It will do wonders for your skin, and the rest of your body! Drink up ladies. 

Happy Bikini Series!

xoxo, Ari



Celebrate Active Nation Day with Dallas Grit Fitness!


Every year, Lorna Jane celebrates Active Nation Day in September, by encouraging girls to get outside and move! There are local events literally all over the world for you to get involved in. Find an event on your local Lorna Jane Facebook page, or just visit the Active Nation Day website! There are no shortage of good things happening.

Come celebrate this day at Northpark Mall, with Dallas Grit Fitness! For Grit Mashup! OMG you are going to get an amazing workout….Body Sculpt, Turbo Kick and Dance Club Cardio, you don’t want to miss this class with our energetic instructors, Annabel, Emily, and Brittani! Can’t wait to see you there.

What is Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day is a movement created in 2012 by Lorna Jane to inspire women, their families, communities, cities and the world to live a more Active Life!

Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980, with 39% of the adult population now overweight and 1.9 billion of the world’s population not getting sufficient exercise. It’s time to make a change and the change starts with you!

On September 27 2015, we’ll be hosting events all over the world to encourage women to mark their commitment to Active Living by getting out and moving their bodies. We think there should be a day dedicated to Active Living – a day where people are asked to consider putting their health and fitness first – resetting their commitment and inspiring others to do the same.


Beach Babe Bootcamp
Wow I can’t believe y’all killed March Madness? April is here, and so are warmer temps! I have already been out by my pool in my bikini-who needs a tan?! Yikes this girl! I love getting to know you beautiful mermaids inside and out. It is such a pleasure! How would you like to spend 30 days with me to kick-start your personal health & fitness journey? You’re either heading to the beach for a vacation soon, or just coming back from Spring Break & ready to build that Summer Bod! Well I want to share my own personal secrets with you! This is how I add variety to my routine, stay on track, & NOT worry about crazy diets that restrict you from eating. I never question if what I’m doing is going to yield results, I have been seeing it before my eyes for a YEAR now!

Here’s the deal! I want to teach you my favorite workouts, eating habits, how to beat the binge, & stay motivated every single day to wake up and crush it! I will provide you with 30 minute (daily) workouts, a full meal plan, support, gratitude, positivity, personal development & daily improvements!

So what’s Beach Babe Bootcamp all about?
Well, you’ve said it once, and you will say it again. “I just want to feel strong and confident in my clothes again!” I know that was my main motivation for making a lifestyle change last year. It’s almost my 1 year anniversary of being the ‘new me!’ What exactly is a lifestyle change?I define a healthy/active lifestyle in 3 ways:
1) Workout daily-be active every single day, even if that means a walk or some yoga
2) Nourish your body, fresh whole foods, and throwing out the C.R.A.P
3) Set up for success! Being happy in your own skin once again requires a committment to showing up to your scheduled workouts, and swapping ‘this for that’ by preparing meals ahead of time and choosing healthier options.
I do NOT define it as starving yourself.
My job as a coach is to do one thing. and that’s to be your support system. I’m here to help you  figure out your schedule, provide you with a meal plan, help you put together your grocery list, and to help you find trust TOGETHER with me to achieve YOUR specific goals.
We will set goals, track our progress, stay accountable, inspire each other, stay motivated and encourage one another to get into the best shape of our lives.
 Where is Beach Babe Bootcamp Held?
In your own home! No gym membership required. It’s a totally private Facebook group where no one but the members of the group can see what is going on. I will walk you through how to set realistic and measurable goals for yourself, how to meal plan, prep, how to set yourself up for success!! The program we are focusing on this month is 21 Days long, and focuses on nutrition and fitness, however it’s my goal to find the perfect program for you! Perhaps your coming off an injury? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered =)
You will log into the group on Facebook or Instagram and check in everyday and check out a post of the day. There will be ample motivation, workout breakdowns, tutorials, videos, recipes and tips.
We will track everyones progress through our online group and you will succeed!
 Trust me, if you can 100% commit to this I will give this my ALL! and  I won’t ever let you give up! I will be right there with you doing my workouts and meals too!
Are you ready go for this? What’s the worst that can happen? You could lose a few pounds, kick some bad habits, win a free tshirt and have more energy! That would warm my heart if you did! Make this investment for you. Do this for your health, for your body, for your energy, for your family….for YOU!
I am accepting challengers throughout the month of March and April to start when YOU’RE ready…..this is your journey and no one else! Even if you are the least bit curious or the least bit interested in getting started on a health & fitness journey … shoot me an e-mail… I promise you won’t regret it!
All you have to do is make the decision that now is the time for you to make a change!!! Let’s do this together!!! Fill out the application below and you’ll be hearing from me shortly! 🙂

#ArianaAbs: My biggest Secret!

Happy Hump day! You would think today I would be posting about rumps, lol but sadly no. Sorry, today is all about those Abs! If you’re wondering where this hashtag came from, you can blame K&K from Toneitup-they are seriously too sweet.  I kind of took it to heart. So ever since last June, I vowed to never let go of those #ArianaAbs! Below are my secrets to success. Of course everyone is different. What works for me, might not work for you. Don’t get discouraged! Just try to take into consideration my top tips that I’m going to share with you and add them to your life one step at a time!

Ariana Transformation

Ariana’s Secret Recipe to #ArianaAbs

Step 1: Cut the C.R.A.P!

(Carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and ingredients, and processed foods). I wrote more about that, snack ideas, and my sample meal plan here! This is the number one way to start a healthier lifestyle without stepping foot into the gym, or working up a sweat at home. They don’t provide your body with anything nutritious, just cut that sh$# out! You will immediately notice an improvement in your energy level, your attitude, and how your body feels ‘lighter!’ and this will encourage you to actually exercise when you get ready for that step. 

Step 2: #absaremadeinthekitchen

How tired are you of hearing this? It’s just true. Superfoods are so important because they give you nutrients that your body can break down easily and fuel you for your workout. I highly suggest adding more greens to your diet (I have 4 servings/day!) and a nutrition shake that does not include Soy, Artificial Sweeteners, or Artificial Ingredients listed on the Ingredients list. Personally, I drink Shakeology every day to avoid purchasing these superfoods that add up to $41 per serving. Preparation on Sunday, always leads me to have the right choices to grab during the week to REPLACE the C.R.A.P. I am currently following the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan and workouts together. The most noticeable change for me was to 1) Start small (no fancy recipes) 2) Eat what I prepare for myself (don’t worry everyone slips, but make that intentional 3) Follow the portion control containers, and drink my shake daily.  You can see more details for my meal plan and nutrition, bundled here! 

Step 3: Drink Lots of Water

Drink Half your weight in fL. oz every single day….shoot high, you’ll land closer to your goal even if you don’t hit it. I LOVE straws. I buy them at the grocery store for under $2 a box and I use them to drink all my beverages =) 

Notice how I haven’t even gotten to exercise yet!

Step 4: I exercise. Every.Single.Day.  

For some people, exercising is the easy part, so they start with this step. This was ME! Read more about my story here. But let me honestly, genuinely, and passionately pursue your head and your heart to make the first 3 Steps a permanent change in your life before you even get to step 4 (a lot of people can do both at the same time! Not everyone wants to, and that is OK! This is your journey remember). Eating and portion control was so much harder for me because I just thought I could out-train my poor diet and massive portion sizes.  I changed that obviously. But I still found that the best athletes, trained every day, and their endurance and toned muscles showed it. Do I miss days? Yes, sure I do, but I always make sure to take a walk, do some yoga, play golf, all of these are still keeping things active. 

Training VARIETY is Key!

Since we are on the topic of secrets, I’ll spill. This is my BIGGEST fitness tip! Every single time asked, I will give you this answer. I train my muscles 360 degrees. I never do the same thing every day. My body is constantly guessing, and I’m am constantly sore…lol that’s also because I know when to take a few days off to let my body reset! I have done tons and tons and tons of workout routines, programs, classes, you name it. The reason I am able to maintain my success and even see progress, is because I switch up my program every 30 to 60 days, and I follow a schedule that has been predesigned for me by my at home trainers! That’s about the longest our minds can stand without getting too bored. I do exercise I enjoy! You know what? I hate the treadmill, and have learned that I don’t really like weights this year.  I do love to run outside, but I haven’t stepped foot on a treadmill since last October! And I don’t feel bad about it! I absolutely love to dance/kickbox (Turbo Fire) and I love bootcamps (Focus T25 and Insanity Max 30. HIIT workouts are my favorite form of exercise because they are quick, and the afterburn is long! An effective workout has to have tons of different moves to tone all angles of your body for me to see results. My favorite two programs (posted video links for you) for this have to be Insanity Max 30, and Turbo Fire. I mean, they are both fat burners, and work your core in completely different ways. I do extra Ab routines from Tone it Up, and have long-since learned to do many of my own moves. This is for when I’m looking for SERIOUS definition, but my body doesn’t require that I do two-a day workouts anymore. I only need 30 minutes a day, of heart pumping, total body, pushup, plank, and tuck jump intensive routines to maintain and see results. (2-3x a week is a great place to start) (I also modify a ton! I will do a separate post on Insanity Max 30 later this week =) 

Step 5: Booze gives you a Belly!

Sorry babes, I know it’s harsh, but the binge drinking has to stop! You have to decide what’s more important to you….a slightly memorable time every weekend, or a lifetime of stellar health and energy for fun and activities! THINK of the activities! This is a completely personal choice and I would never force this opinion onto anyone- I LOVE a great bottle of Veuve! And I love wine…but  I average 0-2 drinks of alcohol per week. If I’m having a higher week, maybe its closer to 4 drinks per week-like I said, it’s a personal choice and I am dedicated to a personal goal. If that’s your wiggle room, just make sure you cut some other C.R.A.P from your diet and reduce the drinks where you can! Meet your girlfriends for a fitness class in the evening, instead of the bar. Want a completely different fitness experience in Dallas with BUMPIN music? Check out Dallas Grit Fitness! 

I want to give you my BIGGEST secret, but it’s hard to choose one. So I would say that its very important to remember that SMALL changes, add up to HUGE results, 5 lifestyle changes made on a daily basis will dramatically increase your chances of seeing your life change, and being able to wash your clothes on your stomach….seriously, washboard? Who thought of that, it’s just weird. TOGETHER, all of these things add up to my ‘secret recipe’

Please email me at if you would like any more suggestions on what type of schedule to follow, workout ideas, or any other questions. I love hearing from you!

Some of my super easy meals below =)


*i would like to add a disclaimer in here for my future father-in law….who will never stop making fun of me for the ‘amount’ of food I can eat. “Are you eating again?” I am a fan of the 6 ‘small’ meals a day, but when I’m around them, I definitely over-indulge! I’m still working on this, because it’s really not a good practice, however I don’t let it worry me, because I truly do stick to my meal plan 85% of the week, and that has made all the difference!

Spring Break Giveaway! Win 21 Day Fix Extreme! 

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Full Spring Ahead! March 21st is the first day is spring, and this is the most fun giveaway I could give you for Spring Break to share some of my favorite products with you! 

I wanted to give you the ULTIMATE motivation for getting into killer bikini shape! Every day it warms my heart to connect with each & every one of you & hear your amazing stories!! I honestly want to thank you for inspiring & supporting ME every day by showing you how much I appreciate you (& I just LOVE giving gifts!) 

EVERYTHING you see is included in this amazing giveaway & just ONE follower will WIN IT ALL !!! This basket is valued at over $220-I really want to reward you for all your hard work this month!

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I want to see y’all working extra hard this week! 


Your Body’s Mechanic