A (love)ing Ass-Whopping



Nothing like getting your ass handed to you to put things in perspective. I have been actively working on improving my tennis game this summer and still have yet to take a lesson. Despite being self-taught, I have developed a strong forehand and a progressively improving backhand. However, that doesn’t mean I should think I can play with those who belong to clubs. But…I’m a machine. That’s what I tell myself, and that’s how I look at life. One step at a time….if I can chip away at something, you better believe I’m going to work hard at it. Because no one likes to lose to a girl. And well…I don’t like to loose. Let’s be honest people.

So my ego got to me on this particularly fine Saturday afternoon, and the skill and agility of this impressive family friend, humbled me. Every single shot had me guessing, which way to shift my weight. How to return a serve. It was fantastic to play someone so good. Not to mention her 13 year old son was better than me too! The sheer ability to place the ball wherever she wanted to-was awesome! But my center-fielding skills had to help somehow?! -the killer instinct, the hand-eye coordination, the speed, power and obvious athletic ability should have been enough to put away a few doubles matches!-and we did. But not enough to win. Talk about having your head up your butt- throw it all away JR. and remember that sometimes you have to lose. There are people who work harder than you, and have years on you in practice. Grow in these experiences, and remember this is why we keeping working on our goals. Our family saying …when you’re young ” You’re smart, but you’re not experienced” was surely true today. But then again…Morbas ALWAYS win.

Summer Sweat: Daily Wear

What are you wearing these days? -On your skin! Glowing, clear skin should be your best asset, so start giving it your full attention. And I’m talking about it all….face, body and especially hands! Please find products that you can use every day, and dont go outside without taking some SPF with you.

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Jump Right In!



Time to change things up. The average person does not have time to log 40+ miles a week. Nor is it necessary unless those are your goals. If you don’t like long drawn out cardio- don’t do it! Slow and Steady DOES NOT win the race. How long have you been spending in the gym on machines? They all have a place and purpose but can be used sparingly. Are you doing cardio for one steady rate of time without changing any factors? You’re WASTING your time. You’re trading your calories in an inefficient way. Start creating a serious DEFECIT to see a loss in fat. You must start doing higher intensities of intervals and cardio bursts. If that means running a mile and including stairs or bleachers, do it. If that means 20 box jumps, and 1:00 of jump rope in between your weight routine, do it! Jump rope is one of my my favorite ways to get the heart rate up. Try it out! I got 2 at Sports Authority so I can always have one for a friend, $7.99 each. Challenge a buddy, see how many sets you can do in 30 minutes! You’re done for the day. 

Happy 4th! Freedom is precious, you have the freedom to choose to be happier, healthier, give back, be more grateful, and change! Count your blessings when you’re feeling like others have it better because of their looks or lifestyle, they may just be missing the big picture, and you are richer for choosing to love! Be thankful for the freedom to change and for all the people who have helped us get to where we are today.