Dallas Fitness Classes

Strong Body

Hey Dallas Fitfam! Dallas, TX is overflowing with new opportunities to connect with others in Fitness and community more and more each month. I am so happy you stopped by. Being active in the Dallas Fitness community has been the best thing that has happened to me over the past year. I have learned so many new fitness formats beyond the programs I have been doing at home for so many years. The people I’ve met have made it that much sweeter.  There is nothing better than making friends with your neighbors, and being healthy while doing it!

This year I became an active Instructor and member at Dallas Grit Fitness.  For anyone looking to meet new workout buddies and take classes that ALWAYS have fun, fresh music…look no further. You can read about some of the classes in my recent review. More to come!

My Current Classes: Turbo Kick, 6am every Monday  Sign up here

If you would like to be my VIP guest for a class, please feel free to shoot me a message, I am always taking classes and would be happy to take one with you! ClassPass and StudioHop welcome =)

See you at 6am,




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