‘Mint to Be’ Our Proposal Story


Happy Monday and welcome to a new week! I have been waiting and waiting patiently to tell our proposal story after my Prince Charming popped the question one year ago. It’s also my sister’s birthday, so this day is like exponentially awesome! These stories are meant to be cherished. Don’t skip the details! You won’t want to forget anything. My fiancé and I are suckers for love stories so if you’re reading this, break out the tissues. I hope you enjoy our fairy tale =)

‘Mint To Be’ 

Once upon a time, there was a girl from New Jersey who traveled to the small Caribbean island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos for a destination wedding. She had never been to the Caribbean, let alone ever expected to meet the man she would someday marry. He would be a Texan. She had never visited Texas. She had never even met anyone from Texas.  That Jersey girl happened to be me, Ariana Infozino, and the native Texan was Hunter Travelstead. We met on the shores of Provo in 2012. The first words he ever said to me were “Do you like mint?” when he overheard me trying to decide what to drink for the evening. This question would start us on a journey neither of us could have ever predicted, and the famous ‘Limey’ from Seven Stars Resort would eventually become our signature cocktail at our wedding.  

During this week in Provo, Hunter and DeWayne, Hunter’s father, immediately treated me like a long-time friend and showed me some of their favorite spots on the island. I knew this was one place I would never forget. When we parted ways at the end of the week, we had decided to each come visit the other once and see if we wanted to try and make something work. I was one of those girls who thought ‘I’ll never try a long distance relationship again (LDR).’ But here I was, without a doubt in my mind, that I couldn’t let this one slip away. 

Hunter was the kindest man I had ever met (not to mention, not hard on the eyes). He never let me open a door to anywhere. ‘Yes mam and no sir’ were a regular part of his vocabulary. We both had a big love for travel, so naturally we met halfway across the country for various events and trips. He was always surprising me, planning romantic evenings for us…but romance can be fleeting. I knew he was ‘the one’ because his standard for compassion and faith were so high, I knew he would make me a much better person. And that he did. He encouraged me to follow my dreams and always do what made me happy. We both enjoyed discussing engineering together and he genuinely brought out the sweetest and most youthful side of me. We both loved our families, and getting to be a part of them was greatly important to us. We shared the same view of the world. There was never a doubt in my mind that I should be patient enough to let God bring us together in the same city-whenever that would be. It has never been easy, but it has never been questionable. After a year and a half of dating from Texas to New Jersey, and traveling thousands of miles back and forth across the country, God directed me to move to Dallas, Texas and work at a new company and be close to his family. 

On August, 2013 we departed from DFW to PLS (for those of you wondering, the only direct flight leaves on Saturday on American) and arrived at Seven Stars resort on a Saturday. Our 2 year anniversary was this week. The day after we arrived, he had me believing that we were going to his favorite restaurant that night. He also had a mysteriously large suitcase and brought all of his camera equipment down for this trip. We had planned to do some photoshoots for my blog, and I tried not to think much of it.

All day he kept checking the weather on his phone. We were SCUBA diving the next day, which he pawned off as an excuse. We relaxed by the pool that day and then he disappeared to our room saying he had to finish a project. He was always planning surprises for me, so again I tried to put it out of my mind. Later on in the evening we got ready for dinner, and he escaped downstairs with a bunch of boxes and his camera. He said he had to go down to meet our dive masters (good friends of ours) for a drink and sign some paperwork for tomorrow. I didn’t object because I took more time to get ready. (The beach was so windy, I don’t know why I even bothered to curl my hair!)

Little did I know, while I was finishing getting ready for dinner, he was busy down at the beach- stuffing hand-written letters into a variety of glass-colored bottles and carefully placing them into the sand which led to our own private dinner, literally on the beach where we took a sunset walk our first day of meeting.

DSC_0068 DSC_0075

Hunter called me on the phone  and asked me to ‘meet me at the place we first met’. I nervously headed down to The Deck on the beach and to my surprise the only thing waiting for me was a letter in a glass bottle asking me to take a walk on the beach.




As I skipped anxiously from bottle to bottle, reading all the heart-felt messages Hunter wrote to me, all I could think was ‘Where is this man?’ I obviously knew at that point, because there was a photographer taking pictures of me. (there ended up being two! these pictures are priceless to us and a friend shot them). It didn’t matter that I knew, I would still be shocked when I saw him down the line.



Each letter had some really nice words and memories about our relationship, but I honestly flew through them and just wanted to get to the end. (I read them every few months and they make me cry!) While I read the last letter as I faced the ocean, Hunter snuck up behind me and waited until I finished reading the note. It was so quite, I had no idea he was even kneeling behind me. The last line of this letter read “The first question I ever asked you was, ‘Do you like mint?’ If you’ll turn around, I would like to ask you a bigger question…” There he was on one knee asking me to marry him. After a few moments of shock, of course I said yes.





He shared with me that my ring was a family heirloom passed down for four generations and I completely lost it. I was not expecting a ring at all-let alone this insanely unique sparkler that he placed on my left hand.





The tent that I saw in the distance with the dinner table-that was meant for us. He had a special gift waiting for me there that means so much to me today. Our faith is our bedrock, and without it we would not work. He had a bible in my favorite color with my new future name engraved on it.




We spent the entire week celebrating with champagne, Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and special dinners. I can’t wait to post pictures from the rest of our trip! It was so amazing to have that time together to dream of how would would want to get married (even if that plan did change) and not let any opinions influence our happiness for those moments. I guess it was ‘Mint’ to be.

When we arrived back in Texas, my entire family was waiting to surprise me at the Travelstead residence. This was actually the biggest surprise of all, as I know how difficult it is to get 5 people across the country for one weekend. We all celebrated that weekend the blessing to be joining two great families together, and I know our parents couldn’t be prouder. We are so thrilled to put together all the details for the perfect #OnceUponATravelstead fairy-tale wedding at the Ranch House at Vaquero Country Club on June 04, 2016. This next year will be full of many more adventures and memories. 


Celebrating 6 months of business at Dallas Grit Fitness with GLOWGA!


HIIT Instructor Lauren Tatum and Dance Club Cardio Instructor Christie Rossi having way too much fun!

If it doesn’t nourish your soul-get rid of it! 

Happy Sunday my beautiful readers! I hope you all enjoyed the awesome weather this weekend, I got outside a ton. This weekend was focused on enjoying this city that loves me back so much. Over the past 6 months, I have made some pretty amazing friends and family at my home studio-Dallas Grit Fitness. We offer a class called Flexin’ Flow™ that combines yoga flows and boot camp intervals for one funky, sweaty ‘Grit’ inspired yoga class! Now, I have been doing yoga since I was about 16 years as an amateur. I enjoy the challenges, the functional and mental benefits it brings, but have never felt ‘called’ to be a yogi. I was always looking for something different. Before going to Flexin Flow, I tried numerous flows all over this city, but I had never done a ‘Flow in the Dark’ before! Until I went to Grit. We flow in the dark under LED lights to loud fresh music every week, and yes, we do burpees and mountain climbers in there too. Oh yes, this was my kind of yoga!

To celebrate 6 months of successful business at Grit Fitness, owner Brittani Rettig of Grit By Brit put on a fitness social event like I’ve never seen before. A Flexin’ Flow workout in neon fitness clothes and an afterparty at the gorgeous Altitude Night Club. Over 650 people RSVPd to this event! Around 9pm, a few hundred Dallas Yogis gathered to take our ‘Flow in the Dark’ class led by Maria Rowe and Melissa Bass, 33 floors above the street at the Altitude Night Club in the W Hotel at Victory Park. Check out some pictures from our event below!

See the full gallery of photos here on Facebook!


Over 200 Grit Yogis enjoying class by Maria and Melissa!

Turbo Kick Instructors Annabel and I with our lovely clients! IMG_9205

Enjoying a post-yoga photoshoot in our Glowga gear!

We flowed, we danced, and we had a blast celebrating high above the street with a gorgeous view of the city, and enjoyed getting to spend time with our community and clients. In just 6 short months, the outreach of Grit Fitness has expanded beyond anything I’ve seen from a boutique studio. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you Brit! Thanks for coming y’all, and I hope to see you at a class sometime soon!

Now go Motivate, Sweat, and Inspire this week!

xoxo, Ari

FullSizeRenderPeace babes, go take a class with Melissa or Maria this week!

Eat Clean Train Dirty-FREE HIIT class at Katy Trail

Harvard Entrepreneurs Team up to Offer Dallas’ Hottest Free Health Event of the Summer

Eat Clean Train Dirty Flyer 072315

Happy Monday my lovely readers! I am so excited for this fun event on Thursday. Who doesn’t love a good happy hour workout before hitting the social scene? It can be tough to meet people who have the same interests, so we are giving you a great opportunity to do both! I have recently joined the Dallas Grit Fitness Dream Team and am proud to say we have loved getting to know our Dallas community! There’s always room for fun in fitness….I would say it’s one of the things we do best, but don’t worry, you will work up a sweat this week in just 30 minutes. Read below for a snapshot of what to look forward to on Thursday! Register below….it’s already set to be a packed house and a ton of fun! Please be sure to wear sneakers, bring a towel if you like, and plenty of water.

Megan Lyons and Brittani Rettig are teaming to up to offer an energetic evening of fitness, food and freebies!  Lyons and Rettig both left their consulting careers to start businesses in nutrition and fitness respectively.  These two are thrilled to host a free event on the Katy Trail to promote health, wellness and fun!  The first 35 guests to register and attend will receive Fabletics swag bags to go along with their free high intensity interval training workout, healthy treats and nutrition tips.

GRIT HIIT Class Description:

High intensity interval training (HIIT) class designed to push you to your max! Power through a tabata-style, body weight interval circuit that’s sure to spike your heart rate while building muscular endurance. Enjoy a jamming playlist to energize your workout and leave feeling fit and fierce!  Sneakers required; 30 minutes

Class participants must register online at: http://bit.ly/1gbNqKx


Date: Thursday, July 23

Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Location: Katy Trail, Snyder’s Union (entrance on Carlisle Place, between Lemmon Ave. and Hall St.)

Cost: Free & open to the Dallas community

Details: Fabletics giveaways, raffles, nutrition tips, healthy treats and 2 free, 30 minute GRIT HIIT workouts:

Session 1 – 6:30pm

Session 2 – 7:15pm

About The Lyons’ Share Wellness & Megan Lyons

The Lyons’ Share Wellness offers personalized health coaching to help clients lose weight, increase their energy, and feel their best through nutrition and lifestyle.  Our clients have lost up to 100 pounds, solved chronic digestive issues, dramatically reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, and turned picky kids into healthy eaters.  Owner Megan Lyons also writes a biweekly health and nutrition column titled “Trail to Good Health” in the Katy Trail Weekly.

Megan holds a Certificate of Health Coaching/ Holistic Nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University.  She received her MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 2012, and graduated from Harvard University in 2007.  Prior to founding The Lyons’ Share, Megan spent 5 years as a management/ strategy consultant.


About GRIT Fitness & Brittani Rettig

GRIT Fitness brings an innovative approach to boutique fitness by providing a customized set of energetic, music-driven classes.  It’s Dallas’ 1st and only one stop shop for Kickboxing, Dance Cardio, Hip Hop, Body Sculpt, Barre and upbeat Power Vinyasa Flow classes.  Located in the heart of East Dallas, GRIT Fitness opened to the community in January 2015.

Prior to founding GRIT Fitness, Brittani Rettig worked at Deloitte Consulting, LLC.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University.  She also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and numerous fitness certifications.  Rettig continues to author her leading fitness/lifestyle blog, Grit by Brit, which receives national recognition from SELF Magazine, POPSUGAR and Greatist.

To learn more visit http://www.dallasgritfitness.com or http://www.thelyonsshare.org

Walk on Water, Daily Challenge and Devotional

“Take Courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” 

“Lord if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” 
“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”  Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Matthew 14: 27-31 NIV

If you want to experience life, you’ve got to get out of the boat and take a risk. 

Do Mondays seem to come up really quickly and you thought you remembered saying you were going to take a leap of faith LAST week to change something? Oops! I went away this weekend with my family and we heard an amazing sermon at our Chapel at the lake by a good friend who has taken many wild adventures in life. He has seen so much of the world, and done things I fear myself at an older age! Do you feel like you’re just waiting to jump on the ‘right’ train to go after your goals or dreams? That’s not doing you any good! Well I’m inviting you back to reality. There is no right day start something new. There is hope, and there is faith, but you have to expect a little divine intervention when you’re asked to do something that seems huge to you! Jesus invites you to trust Him. Expect the unexpected takes on a new meaning doesn’t it? The odds always seem to be against us. I’m too old, too fat, too thin, too scared, too weak. With God, anything is possible.

I made a challenge for you to follow along with me for the month of July! Many people are starting a new program this week so I thought I would give you something super basic, where you can literally do wherever you go (especially with all of those vacations).

This month, my challenge to you is to complete the #Daily30 in addition to your regular workout plan. If you don’t have one, this is a GREAT place to start! Try 30-45 minute walks (or runs) each day and add this challenge before or after your cardio. Now you have a plan! See how many sets you can do each day, and check in with me on Instagram. I love to hear from you!

The other part of our challenge is a daily devotional! I know SO many of you already read Jesus Calling every day. It’s super short, realistic, and helps you connect with God when sometimes we might say we are ‘too busy’. We all need a little accountability so I thought, why not check in with each other? Lets do reflect every day with #JulyJesusCalling. Many of my #tiusistersinchrist or #dallasdisciples already have the book or the app! Check it out in the App Store, or on Amazon! Read the reviews to see what its all about =)

Why do we love challenges so much? Because it’s an easy checklist to go by! No guess-work. Its easier to look at a list with a small goal in mind. We call these S.M.A.R.T goals. It’s measurable. No matter how young or old, in shape, out of shape, you are….you are STRONG enough! When it seems impossible to start. Grab hold of God’s hand, He will give you the courage. You just have to take that first step. Have a great week.

xoxo, Ari

#OnceUponATravelstead: Engagement Session with M&K

Happy Magic Monday y’all! I am so glad you’ve stopped by! It’s wedding season isn’t it? Love is in the air

I am so excited to be writing this! It finally feels real. Only 300 and some-odd days until our wedding next June, and we have been extremely blessed by the help of so many people. Our family, our friends. Everyone is offering their help with our planning. Sure, sometimes there are difficult conversations. But so far, our wedding planning has been peaceful. Our long engagement has allowed us to grow further in our relationship and is preparing us for marriage, in a world that can be hasty and idealistic. Every small detail we have had the pleasure of working through, we’ve celebrated. Big or small, we are not letting any good thing go uncelebrated. Life is too short!

A few months ago, we entered a photographer’s free engagement photoshoot contest while we were at an open house at the Chapel at Anna Villa in The Colony, TX. To our surprise we WON a free engagement photo session with M & K Productions! Check out their Facebook page in the link above to see ALL of the sneak peak photos from our session. I’ve posted quite a few here for those without Facebook.

Welcome to our fairy tale. I have yet to release our proposal story because I am still trying to write a short version that you will actually read. There are so many fun moments in our story and I plan to release it soon, along with SO many photos!  Long story short…I moved to Texas to be closer to my sweetheart a year and a half ago. From NJ to Dallas, I have made Texas my home. Life has a sweet vibe here. A praise-worthy air about the country-side. So it only made sense for us to take our photos in our home! We chose to take them at our wedding venue, Vaquero. Seated in the hills of Westlake, just beyond Southlake, this sprawling Fazio golf course is where we are so extremely blessed to spend many weekends. We cannot wait to turn it into an Enchanted Garden with an outdoor ceremony and reception next year. With all of the rain Texas got this year, June held on to a late bloom of lush green grasses, and beautifully overgrown trees!

I have already said this…but i’m blessed by my friends. My bridesmaid, Kaytie Gaus, is very talented in so many ways. She spent the afternoon with me doing my hair and makeup. Her and her husband actually spent the entire shoot with us making us feel a little bit more comfortable. It’s not so easy to pose in the right way when you’re not sure what your face looks like! Practice practice practice. Without her, I would not have felt so stunning on this day! Thank you Kaytie and Ethan for making us laugh!

The overgrown arbor shown below is going to be a really special spot at our wedding. Wait until you see how we stage it!




After an outfit change (who doesn’t love dressing up?!) we headed to Southlake Town Square, a few miles down the road. There are so many cute spots for photos here. Here are a few of my favorites. We also had to stop for ice cream…perfect for a 100 degree day and a white dress….not! It was worth it, I know when we get all the pictures back there will be some great memories to keep.

1796778_853154768073647_7029092128287707929_o 11536466_853154711406986_4839443475687085088_o


Hunter and I LOVE fairy tales. We simply can’t get enough of them. It was obvious that our wedding hashtag should be #OnceUponATravelstead, and we chose some fun pastels for the last location back at Vaquero. After debating between a number of props, we decided to bring some huge balloons with us for the shoot.

And what’s a shoot without a little mishap? We inflated 6 oversized 36″ balloons. You can get them at Party City. Lucky for us we have a helium tank at the clubhouse, however transporting these things is almost impossible! Note to self. TIE them tighter! Lol, how many engineers does it take to tie balloons? (answer: one that will read directions). As we drove over to Fish Camp for the last of our sunset shots, 4 out of 6 balloons flew away in the sky. Bye bye balloons! That’s ok we still got some amazing dreamy shots and had so much fun!!! I imagine they went to a better place and made someone happy =)

Always Believe Something Wonderful is About to Happen





I guess I’m stuck with you babe! Thanks for hooking me. What would our session be without a ‘dad joke’

Timing it perfectly, Mark and Kristin were extremely sweet to spend so much time with us. We were extremely grateful and I cannot wait to see the rest of our photos in a couple of months! We ended the night with some champagne and the most beautiful sunset. Enjoy our sweet moments. Thank you for sharing in our love story!



Bikini Series Results and Review!

Bikini Series 2015 Partners

Happy Sunday everyone! I know I know, you’re probably already feeling those #bikiniseriesblues today with the conclusion of the 8 week Bikini Series yesterday. But there are SO many fun options to follow this summer and you have the energy to tackle them! Keep in touch with those friends that you made, and make new challenges for yourself. First I want to say congratulations to all of you!! Whether you started on Week 1 with a fantastic attitude and full meals prepped, or if you found Tone it Up for the first time just a few weeks ago and desire to make a lifestyle change, you did something amazing for yourself!

You have done what 99% of the world will not do…make a commitment to something. Take a leap of faith! Go out of your comfort zone. SHOW UP. How many of you have been stood up by friends who say they will be there for a class or an event? You’re dependable….and that means a lot to your friends too! It is extremely hard in a highly distracted and socially immersed culture that we live in, to give up some of the things and the time we cherish, and dedicate that to loving your body! I’m so proud of all you have accomplished. You completed hundreds of thousands of ‘cardio miles’ together, as well as tried new recipes, new workouts, and MOST importantly, made some new friends! Fitness is so much more fun with friends. I am going to give you a few tips for making new friends this summer! Some people tell me ‘You’re so brave, how do you just walk up to someone and become friends?’ I wasn’t always this way! Tone it Up for me is not about worshipping Karena and Katrina. It’s about living without fear of who you are. Two talented women who I admire so much, could have never imagined the plans that would unfold for them. They did not know how many girls they would help become confident enough to do exactly what they started out doing-work out together, share life, and inspire others! When you’re at a loss, simply say ‘Hello, how are you?! What’s your name?’ I guarantee a conversation will start.

The beginning of the series was rough for me!

I wasn’t prepared, or mentally ready to get back to a clean diet. I was pretty much all over the place for the first two weeks. After a very hard winter on my body, I had taken a break from following one program in March/April. This is always, always, always my downfall! When I’m trying to follow too many at once, I get overwhelmed, and unhappy with my workouts, and things do not fall into place. This year’s Bikini Series had SO many choices to follow, it was unrealistic for me to get everything on the schedule done for the day. And I just couldn’t decide ‘Do I want to follow the 8 week schedule to the Beach Babe 3 DVD?’ or ‘Do I want to follow the weekly schedule with free workouts on toneitup.com and youtube?’ I’m sure you had the same thoughts. Because I really wanted to try ALL of the workouts! My advice for your next round, is to choose only one, and stick to it. After that, begin your next 8 weeks with the other schedule.

Schedules are foolproof!

And when you follow a program like Tone it Up, or Beachbody, or your Fitness Studio, you are going to get a weekly plan to build and burn the way they designed the workouts for you. No guesswork, just do your planned workout, and the results will show up a few weeks later- I promise!

Come week 3 I finally had a plan to follow my studio classes and the weekly toning routines. Now I had more time to focus on the workouts, and making better food choices! My accountability partner this year, Kaytie (@tiu_Kaytie) followed the 8 Week Program, she killed it with her meals and the workouts!! And she added some serious muscle definition to her petite frame! I really admire how different our bodies are. I know a lot of people look at us and think ‘They don’t need to lose weight!’ like I said….this lifestyle isn’t about losing weight, its about GAINING everything else. When you get to that point, you feel unstoppable! Kaytie and I sometimes enable each other, which is dangerous haha! We LOVE to eat, and we love In and Out Burger. When that happens, you need to stick together, and make a goal to work towards. I’m 100% sure we earned our In and Out Burger yesterday (and my weakness is MilkShakes, you’ll be happy to know I did not have one!) Having someone to encourage me and check in with every day, was a lifesaver. I could not have succeeded without her! Now she has to put up with me being a crazy #tiubride for the next year until she walks down the aisle with me. Not only did I find a workout partner through Tone It Up, but I found a great friend who shares my faith and passion for being a Godly woman.

I joined a local fitness studio in January (see my review on Dallas Grit Fitness in the previous post!) so most of my morning BootyCall workouts were classes there! I got my cardio miles in from Turbo Kick (LOTS of it because I’m an instructor and its one of my favorite workouts), Grit HIIT, Dance Cardio,  the HIITY Bitty Bikini routine, and walking and running.

My favorite workouts of the series included:

The Beach Ball Workout (Beach Babe DVD3), Karena’s Beach Arms (Beach Babe DVD3), Buns and Thighs Routine (on Youtube or Toneitup.com) and the new Bikini Abs. I love variety, and all of these moves are familiar to me so I can interchange them into my workouts wherever I see fit. That comes with time! Keep following routines and you will be able to make up your own soon too!

2015 Bikini Series Before and After

Overall, I actually lost 6 lbs, and 4″ which  I know you can’t see here!

(that’s why the scale is deceiving) It mostly came from the last couple of weeks of a very clean diet and consistent exercise every single day. I drank 70-90 Fl. OZ of water every day too! I was pretty surprised at the results because I’ve been working out for so many years that my body really needs intense exercise to change. All of the variety really helped. This series I did not do as much running as last year. I saw a significant difference in my legs and my booty last year from running, however this year I have a lot more muscle. Personally, all of my weight goes to those areas and running and walking keeps me a lot leaner. I still lost inches in my hips, but my booty grew (people pay money for that! Just do a lot of squats and booty routines!) It’s so amazing to see what our bodies can do, and now I know what to add back into the equation to slim down for summer. I’m most happy with feeling less bloated, a lot lighter when I run, and my arms and back! I feel really confident going to the pool and my upcoming engagement photo shoot!Bikini Series

My plan for the summer!  

This summer I plan to tackle a pretty full schedule of classes at Dallas Grit Fitness, and run/walk! I love being outside in my neighborhood and it’s a great way to get some Vitamin D that we haven’t seen in two months with all of the Texas rain we got. While I’m traveling, I’ll have my Beachbody DVDs, and BB3 workouts to keep me company and I never see myself running out of options =) I hope you all have an amazing June! I can’t wait to see all those fun bikini pics-you deserve it!

xoxo, Ari

May Recap- Staying Fit with Dallas Grit Fitness!


Happy Friday! Still highlighting some amazing events in May and I have to share with you what I’ve been up to! May was full of sweaty workouts! With the Bikini Series going on, and summer quickly approaching, there’s a lot of motivation to get into the best shape of your life isn’t there?! For me, I typically slack off in the January-March time-frame. However, this year’s plateau came at an odd time. April-May was a pretty challenging for me. I just couldn’t seem to get the right meals down, or the most appealing workout schedule for me. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have SO much going on, that you just make bad nutrition decisions or do nothing in the form of exercise from the fear of not getting it all done. It can also be the fear that something is just too hard, and it will burn a lot to push yourself past that point of exhaustion and short of breath-ness. If you are ever paralyzed by this fear, I have a solution for you. Commit to one thing at a time! Don’t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. I finally set a goal for myself to work on two things in May. 1) Instructor training practice 2) Workouts at Dallas Grit Fitness-my local fitness studio on Ross Avenue. I have been a proud member here for 4 months now, and I am so happy to be able to participate in this one-of-a-kind boutique fitness studio.

I met Brittani Rettig, the self-made Dallas Blogger and Fitness Instructor last summer at her class Flexin Flow (Currently running all summer at the W Hotel for FREE!). It was a free class held on the WetDeck at the Victory W Hotel in downtown Dallas which made it really easy for #TIUDallas girls to meet up on Saturday mornings. From the time I started taking her classes, I knew I wanted to experience more of that high energy and positive affirmation in my life on a daily basis. Well Brit-thanks for making that happen this year! I couldn’t be happier for you and the planned/inevitable success of your business! Brit continues to inspire me with her hard work and dedication to making other’s lives-FUN and FUFILLING!  Let that sunshine into your life sister! Grit Fitness has a full schedule of classes during the week and I have written some reviews below for you to see what my *optimal week looks like.

The Grit Fitness challenge for May, was to complete 8 Sunrise classes (6am or 6:30am). Once I got over my slump in the first week of May, I really wanted to complete the challenge! I started a bit late though and ended up traveling on business for the last week in May. So I was a few classes short-darn I really wanted a new Grit Tank! (Girt Swag can only be earned not bought!). But it made me realize how much I was missing those Bootycalls! If you’re a Tone it Up girl, you know what a Bootycall means. If you think I’m a slut-puppy (MIL lingo), it just means you are getting your sweat on, first thing in the morning, because other things come up in the day and sometimes prevent you from fitting in that workout!

To find me at Grit, and hear more about what a 6am morning week looks like-I’ve reviewed some of my favorite classes below. Like I said, I’m always changing up my routine, so this month I began running outside again because I love being outside! Please reach out to me if you’re a member, and let’s take a class together! Friendship and fun are a part of our Grit family, and accountability is the name of my game. 

P.S you can find us on SnapChat! ArianaInfo and GritByBrit!

Friends at Grit

Dallas Grit Fitness

Monday: 6am Flexin’ Flow™ -Melissa Bass ‘If yoga, pilates and boot camp had a baby, it would be “Flexin’ Flow!” Our signature, total body workout is designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance’ What to Prepare: Wear yoga tights and a loose fitting shirt- Yoga Matt, Bare Feet, Water/Towel 50 minutes of sweat and stretch!

*I also do my own toning routines or TIU routines at lunch or evening= total body with weights, abs, and Run-2-3 miles

Tuesday: 6am Body Sculpt™ My favorite and most challenging class by Brittani Rettig-weights, cardio, and fresh hits every Tuesday morning. ‘Our original total body, dumbbell resistance training and cardio interval class with isolated focus on each major muscle group. Build lean muscle mass and burn body fat while enjoying upbeat music and a rockstar instructor.’ Sign up for this class a day or two early as it always sells out! (Dallas Grit Fitness app in the app store)

50 minutes of ‘one more rep!’

+ Evening jog or run, and extra Abs and booty TIU routine

Wednesday: 6am Flexin Flow with Melissa Bass-Melissa has a gentle spirit and an amazing awareness of her body. She will guide you through a fun, challenging, and soul-captivating class to funky beats. You will leave wondering how you got through those leg-burning songs. If you’re looking for a relaxing Savasana….this is not the class for you! 50 minutes of WERK!

+ Wednesday 6:30pm Turbo Kick with Emily Tang. Emily picks great Turbo Rounds and makes every move seem effortless! I have been doing Turbo Kick for 8 years now, so if you don’t know the moves, Emily will guide you through! Keep coming back…you will get the routine down in 3-5 classes! Emily is my motivation to find a second-wind after work. Turbo Kick is high energy, choreographed kickboxing, with HIIT intervals in a 50 minute class.

Thursday: Grit HIIT with Brittani Rettig- total bootay-kicker with awesome music. Any workout that is highly athletic and challenging to make you dig deep gets an A++ in my book. This class uses medicine balls and cardio drills to build endurance, strength, and push you to your max to effectively burn fat during the day. If you can breathe at the end of class, you didn’t work hard enough! 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Friday: 6am Grit HIIT™ with Maria Rowe- different moves from what we did yesterday-which is why I love this studio….always keeping your body guessing! Maria leads a challenging, sweaty, and motivating 30 min interval workout with the medicine balls and cardio intervals of this signature Grit class. At Grit, you will always get the same format across classes, but with a new flavor every day. You’ll get a total body burn that will help you continue burning calories through the day and earn that happy hour! 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Friday Happy Hour: 30-50 minute run on the Katy Trail. I love relaxing with a good run and glass of wine after work!

Saturday: 10am Turbo Kick™ with Anabelle Williams- high energy, highly choreographed, kickboxing. I love Anabelle’s classes because she really knows how to shake it and help the class loosen up! Come to class expecting to body pump your way to a six pack! The warm-up always stays the same. You can try this workout at home (Turbo Fire) if you don’t have access to a live class. Cardio with HIIT intervals in a 50 minute class.

(I may start adding the 11am Body Sculpt to my day here too!) There are so many fun classes offered on Saturdays and Sundays!

For all classes, I recommend you wear yoga crops/tights and loose fitting shirts (or sports bra!) we LOVE bright colors! Always water,  towel, and a ‘Never Quit’ attitude! Check out the Full Schedule of Classes at DallasGritFitness.Com and download the app to easily register! Have ClassPass or Studio Hop? Use the MindBodyConnect App for all your classes in Dallas!

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