The Ride House, Dallas Texas: Studio Review


If you are just stopping by my blog, welcome! My name is Ariana (everyone calls me Ari), and I’m a Jersey girl who uprooted to Texas for love and my career.  I write about my lifestyle, my journey as an athlete and fitness instructor, as well as events with other #FitGirls in Dallas, Texas. I am a packaging engineer by day, and a fitness instructor by night. (Being FitGirlMechanic is my moonlight career…..I wanted to be a professional athlete for a long-time, but was too intrigued by product design and manufacturing. Hence my love and detailed analysis of consumer experience, products, ergonomics, and quality design!)

You can find me teaching at Dallas Grit Fitness every Monday at 6am (Turbo Kick) and a variety of Saturday Powerbelle classes starting next Saturday (more times to come that I will be teaching!) I am a member at Dallas Grit Fitness, but I absolutely love to check out and support local businesses and instructors in the metroplex. So check back each month for new reviews!

THE STUDIO: The Ride House  LOCATION: Dallas N Tollway & Lover’s Lane 

The Workout: 45 Min House Ride 

  • If you have never taken a spin class before, I highly suggest The Ride House as a new rider! Arrive 10-15 minutes early and please TELL the front desk managers or your instructor, that you would like help setting up your bike. No shame in being a newbie! It’s very important to have proper set-up when riding any sort of bike, so please please please ‘measure twice, cut once!’ in other words, do it right the first time for an optimal experience!
  • Beats are FRESH at TRH, and the instructors make sure that you have an amazing time riding!
  • Rhythm: If you have no idea what ‘Tap it Back’ means, or the choreography of the class, just keep practacing. It takes a few classes to get on the beat….or not. Some people just don’t have a natural rhythmic bone in their body: just go at your own pace and keep up the best you can, enjoy your ride and don’t worry if you miss the beat!
  • Jasmine leads a sweaty and upbeat class, that will leave you gasping for air. While my early morning class with Bailey, was a little slower and not as rowdy as a later morning/later evening class will be. Be prepared for lots of tap-backs, pushups, an arms section with weights, and hill climbs. I burn about 600-800 calories per class. Both had excellent music and cater to different audiences!
  • You can make spin as difficult or as easy as you want to. Don’t be intimidated to try spin with a friend, Turn up your torque, or stay where you are for a few more minutes, just have fun!

Ambience and Studio Vibe: 

  • As soon as you walk into The Ride House, you will be greeted by the warm and enthusiastic front desk. The studio is decorated with Longhorns and a gorgeous chandeliers in the middle of the TRX room. Nice bathrooms and lockers available to you for storing your stuff.
  • The LED Backlit WALL IS OFF THE CHAIN! This is the coolest feature I have ever seen in a studio. You literally feel like you’re in a club when the lights go down and this wall starts flashing to the beat!

Ride House LED Wall

The Deal: 

  • First two classes are free! And you have an entire 14 days to use them which is AWESOME. LOVE THIS.
  • Drop in: $25
  • Unlimited Packages: You need to sign a contract for 3-month minimum to get the $195/mo deal
  • Check out all pricing here 

What To Bring and Wear: 

  • I always recommend wearing tights/crop spandex, or regular spin/cycling shorts. Regular shorts are no bueno! You need something to keep your thighs from chafing (unless you absolutely love body glide) and the rest is personal preference.
  • Cycling shoes are complimentary, just bring socks. If you own shoes, SPD clips only!
  • Bring at least one water bottle, towels are provided to you

Events and Community Engagement:

  • Something this studio does well-keep an eye on their newsletter. They are currently riding for a woman who is fighting cancer and ALL proceeds will go to her and her family if you sign up!
  • Riding for a cause is something done often here: Ride for Pups is coming up soon!
  • Themed events happen regularly, a great way for a first date or a meetup with a new friend, or just any date!


A #tiumeetup that I organized last month, was a huge hit because some girls had never done spin before.


  • Tons of class times: A++
  • Amazing Instructors: tons of energy and a passion to be in their class!
  • Music is amazing: but if you HATE rap, or House, probably not the place for you. There are tons of theme rides to choose from, so keep an eye out for their schedule or sign up for the newsletter.
  • Front desk is super welcoming and friendly

Room for Improvement and Insights:

  • The Ride House does not have locker rooms so if you go in the morning, don’t be prepared to shower there.
  • Addition to the website? Instructors favorite types of music to play under their class description: I realize this is not ideal because instructors put together different playlists every week. However, might be a way to increase attendance at certain times, and strengthen loyalty between instructors and clients.
  • Not a heavy emphasis on form in The House Ride. New spinners may have the tendency to slack on their form without consistent explanation, leading to a bad experience, or injury over time. However, if you want more coaching technique, opt for The Performance Ride OR Ride 101, where you will learn more technique.
  • The Stackup: $195 per month for unlimited classes is at least $20 higher than Flywheel or Lync Cycling for unlimited, however The Ride House offers a much wider variety of classes than other studios. Depends on what you’re looking for!

Overall Rating: 

  • 4 Stars out of 5! I haven’t tried all of the classes yet, so I feel that to give a full 5 stars I really need to take more classes from the team of instructors. I love everything about this studio, but wish they had locker rooms for their price point.
  • Fitgirl tested and Fiance approved!! Great place for both female and male riders. My fiancé will go to a class every time he is in town-which is an awesome feat y’all! Thanks for an awesome experience!


MOVE-Who’s done watching?

This video by Arc’teryx has hit the ground running and I’d love for you to take a quick look! I understand that a lot of you may need some motivation like this, so I’ll be posting more adventure videos every week. We may spend most of our days behind the desk, but start thinking about life in front of the desk. One of these days, I know you will start an adventure of your own.

“We all try to be busy, instead of trying to be alive.”  Do you remember the last time you felt alive? Felt proud of a hardship or sacrifice you made for your body? Or maybe for a family member or friend? Coached a team? Taught someone to ride a bike? Or has the fear of failure kept you chained to the couch, watching others fight and work and achieve their goals and dreams. WHY NOT YOU?  Not enough time, no victory in sight, not sure where to start. Well guess what, we can all win by being better. Better movers. Better motivators. Better friends, athletes, teachers, pet owners, siblings… But the fundamental ability to move is a privilege. If you have it and you’re wasting it, someone will gladly take it off your hands or your feet.

Our life on Earth is but a tiny blink in the span of the cosmos. A speck. A mere reflection of human adventure and interaction-or lack of? We spend more of our time looking into the lives of others, researching how we can become more like someone else, practicing, gossiping, lying about accomplishments and defeats. Watching. Watching. Watching. Who’s done watching?

To put it best…”Me, I’m moving., because life’s more fun when you move. “

Summer Sweat


Hellooooooo-Summer is still in full swing! You may not have sunny days every day where you live, or maybe you do-make every one of them count! I feel guilty when I’m not outside on a nice day.  Living in the north-east, the sunny days are a bit scattered. But even when it’s raining, I’d still rather be outside than the gym. (However, we all have priorities-studying, kids, cooking, cleaning, working-let’s get serious, eating is important too). Now you’re probably wondering what you will do to challenge yourself for the next 30 days, and for August, because you are just so excited to keep up your new pace of happiness. What will you do besides lift weights???

I’m challenging you to 30 minutes of activity EVERY day. You may be in the middle of getting back to your routine, or you’re not sure if it’s the ‘right’ time to start getting in shape because summer is almost over. WRONG!  Summer bodies are for the binge work-out fiend. We want an EVERYDAY body! So I don’t care if you are walking every day, or biking-playing kickball, walking the dog, roller-blading, hockey, basketball, tennis, softball, yoga, biking, swimming, running around with the kids, playing on the playground, swimming in the ocean, kick-boxing. GET OUTSIDE!  Find something you love, and make sure you are sweating for 30 minutes a day. You will be amazed at the energy boost you get, the happiness that comes with losing weight because you are doing something you love. How rewarding is that? Check in with me on the Facebook page-Fitgirl Mechanic, Ariana Michelle. Or on Instagram. I want to see what you’re doing, it makes me happy too 🙂

Sweat everyday, sweat often, be grateful. Healthy first. Happy Second.

p.s I’ll be adding a new toning routine for you every week too 😉