March Muscle Madness Challenge! And Giveaways!!

March Muscle Madness

Good morning!!! I am so thrilled to be giving you another amazing challenge this month. Last month’s #Squatforspringbreak and #absin60days were killer! I know the results were felt by many and I don’t want you to lose momentum!

Download your WORKOUT CALENDAR HERE!!! March Muscle Madness

HUGE exciting news for March. Every week, I am going to be gifting one of my amazing followers with a prize! From water bottles, to tank tops, to the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the month, which will include a DVD program, swag, workout equipment, beauty products, nutrition powder, and MORE….you could say that I am looking for YOU to get your MUSCLE on this month!

Here are the rules!! 

1) Repost this Challenge Photo to spread the word! Follow me @fitgirlmechanic on Instagram

2) Check in when you complete your daily challenges with the hashtag #marchmusclemadness and #fitgirlmechanic 

3) Must Complete all challenges for the week to be entered into weekly drawings

4) Tag 3-5 friends to join you to get toned this month for a chance to win prizes! 

5) Must be 18+ older and livie in US or Canada

You ARE ready. My new Wakeup Call

As 2014 is quickly coming to a close, I’m thinking about how strong I want to finish. I don’t like leaving chapters open when I really do have the opportunity to close them and start on a new goal. 2015 is dedicated to remembering who I am. 2015 is dedicated to the athlete, the fighter, the one that won’t quit when everyone is pulling you in different directions. It’s dedicated to important appointments, and dates, ones that I will stop breaking and standing up for things that do not push me closer to my dreams, leaving my sneakers sad by the door, waiting to hit the pavement or cycle another revolution on my lonely bike. 2015 is not about how dark it is. It’s not about how tired you are. How sore you are. How much you want to skip your workout because your current state of mind says that can’t. It’s about how much you CAN. It’s about how much you will love yourself for that extra 20 minutes of yoga in the morning, that 6 mile long run you’ve been putting of. The 10 mile long run you forgot you could do. It’s about digging deeper, finding your WHY, your reason to drive forward and bring light to those dark spaces in time. I’m planning NOW for later, it’s never too late to start.

2015 is dedicated to the athlete, to finding my max. Because I miss it. I miss the feeling of pushing myself further and accomplishing the unthinkable. January is usually the month that I spend wiping my sorry butt off the floor because I’m ‘too cold’ to run outside, or ‘too tired’ so I end up having no plan, no motivation, and no results. Well this is the last January I sit on my couch making excuses. I know how to honor my body, give it the fuel it needs, the water it needs, and the rest that it needs. But will I do it? This is it, this is the time, I’m going to get those 8 hours of sleep, and my body is going to LOVE me for it. I’m going to get up with enough time to push myself past that snooze button, onto the floor and someone is going to say ‘OH crap, she’s up’. I’m going to teach others to love their minds and bodies, and sweat and dance while doing it! I couldn’t be more excited to finish this year!

Here’s my new wakeup call. I’m going out with a bang 2014 so look OUT 2015, you won’t know what hit you.

I’m ready. You ARE ready.