My Fabletics Pics for March!

Hey there, Happy thirsty Thursday! Are you drinking that water?!

I can’t believe I haven’t been sharing these outfits with you every single month?! Why have I been keeping this a secret? I’m VERY picky about my workout clothes. There, I said it! The traditional tights from Target’s Champion line, simply don’t fit me well. I am not a huge fan of the fabrics, and they fall down on me and fade quickly. I really admire designers that can add value to their clothes for such an affordable price!

An entire Outfit for $50-70? You won’t find this quality at that price for 3 pieces.

 And your first outfit for $25? You had me at Yoga Pants ❤

You can sign up to be a VIP member (I skip my month sometimes) and you keep your membership pricing but spend $0 you don’t have to get your outfit every single month and I love that! But if workout clothes are your thing, you probably buy new ones each month anyway am I right? 

Here I paired the Valhalah Tee (Size S) with the Sydney Capri (size S) and show off whichever sports bra you’re feeling that day! I’m wearing a Lorna Jane crop top here and paired with my Nike Dunks and I’m ready for Hip Hop tonight! 

You have the option to choose whatever pieces you like, (my favorites are the tights and the Ts!) and mix and match the personal recommendations that they put together JUST for you!

Sign up from my link here =)

And for every friend you refer, you $10 in credit, tell your friends tell your enemies! 

I promise you have never worn tights as soft and flattering as these. Thank you Kate Hudson for this Fab-ulous line 😉 I can’t wait to bring these to some of my favorite Dallas girls! I want to outfit my bridesmaids for a workout weekend, what do you think?! 

New Video! My favorite spots in the West Village, Uptown Dallas


Hello there! I can’t believe it’s almost Holiday Season can you?! Holidays are not only one of the busiest times, but they can also become quiet and slow down for some of us! When I used to live in Rochester, NY, you were sort of forced to take a day (because of all the snow) and enjoy the slow-down! This time of year, I can finally take a step back and say ‘ahhhhh…clarity’.  I set goals BEFORE January 1st, so I’m not shell-shocked when it rolls around and I can’t figure out where to start! It may seem like I’m a regimented gal, but try as I may, life just ebs and flows too much for me to live every week the same! But some things may never change…like my favorite hang-outs! I’m looking forward to spending some time at my favorite café Sip N Stir, featured in this Vlog! I come here a lot to blog, which is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. I wanted to take y’all around my part of town because many of you don’t know much about Dallas. So if you ever come for a visit, there’s more than enough to do. I haven’t even made a dent! I’m definitely going to continue this trend, as there are new stores opening up, and restaurants to try….and you can expect more wedding planning updates too! Hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit better, and some of the things I like to do in the West Village.


Who’s shopping for New Years Eve?! A lot of you are always asking me where I get my crop tops and outfits! Well I wanted to share my favorite/and affordable little store here called Pitaya. Their branded clothes are made in the USA! There are several around the country but you can shop online-check out their fleece leggings for $8! I LOVE them. They have such a unique story and I really enjoy giving local business owners my money. There’s a story behind everyone’s journey and it allows me to get to know entrepreneurs like myself!  The owner started traveling around the country years ago, and then to South America finding new clothing ideas and textiles. After their first store opened in Indiana 20 years ago, they opened up 12 stores around the country and now have a boutique shop in the West Village of Dallas. Pretty great success story, and we have so much fun playing dress-up every time I go in! What can I say, trying clothes on is more fun now that I feel confident in my own skin! Pop into the shop to see some of these looks I tried on! I really enjoy their trends and unique pieces! Of course, I had to get that hat.

Another one of my favorite spots to go, is the Katy Trail…these stairs are quite hidden in the woods and they are really long! I love running up and down them to get some variety into my workouts. Last weekend was FREEZING for Dallas, I promise =)

And if you’re in the mood for a brew after your run, hit up the Katy Trail Ice House! They have a dozen fire pits in the backyard going in the fall/winter to warm up at and chill out by!

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 7.31.36 AM

Hope you enjoy seeing my favorite things to do on a typical week, and the fact that Lorna Jane is coming, will definitely warrant another fun photo shoot when it opens! A HUGE thank you to my wonderful Fiancé Hunter, who shot and edited this video for me, and puts up with my new ideas for photshoots on a ‘whenever we see each other’ basis. I couldn’t have nearly as much fun without you. Love you babe!